Your MTG Collection Highlights

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Just a general talking point, what are the the you are most proud of to own in your IRL or MTGO MTG collection? It can be a deck or singles, cheap or expensive, anything!


  • So this is IRL collection?
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    IRL or MTGO. Basically where your cards can hold a value.
  • @Ranshi922
    Magic the Gathering Online
    I’d include arena, but the wildcard system (justifiably and correctly) removes significant card value.
  • ok. For starters, my Afflict, Lifegain, and Sliver decks
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    My big collection claim is my most coveted commander deck, Rhys the Redeemed. It started as Emmara Tandris and I got Rhys as a birthday gift from a good friend a few months later. It is also home to one of the two most expensive cards in my collection, my gaea’s cradle. I got it right before the most recent price hike and I’m very proud to have it in the deck.
  • My best friend's name is Rhys!
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    I don't have an online collection, all my cards I'm proud of are actual cards. I'd say my Scarab God edh deck and my Avacyn Angel of Hope edh deck are my most prized commander decks of my magic collection. Sorry this don't fit the online thing, I don't got any online magic the gathering cards.
  • Hey, I’m not saying it has to be online. I just know there are some people who have primarily built their collections on MTGO, that’s all. I’m a paper player myself.
  • I have a avacyn flip, grisela meld, 2 origin lilianas, lotus petal, nicol, every vraska thru ixalan, 7 akoum firebirds XD, 2 of that useless mythic spell, each dragon lotd, etc.
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    Which useless mythic spell? I can think of three immediately.
  • Its in Eldritch
  • Deploy the Gatewatch?
  • *snaps with vigor* Thats the one!
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    I must say, I don’t think it’s bad. In a dedicated superfriends deck, it’s quite a staple, especially in EDH. When I think bad mythic spell, I think
    *deeo breath of agony*
    Archangel’s Light
  • Or reap intellect
  • Or Comet Storm
  • I have reap intellect!
  • So I just acquired a few cards for my decks the other day from the game room, thank you to my friend @ProfanePrince (Alex) for that. He is going away to Tennessee to pursue his college course of music tomorrow, so he rarely gets on here but i told hin to keep in touch with me here. Hes a fan of black in the game and I've been trying to get him into blue.
  • lol I would assume he'd like black being that his name sake is a card called (insert name), Profane Prince.
  • I have Vindicate (Apocalypse) with artist's sign in it. I don't remember how I got that card. Is that expensive?
  • anything signed is probably expensive
  • My first ever booster pack had Aurelia the warleader
  • I am now at my house and away from the den of spiders and mice that is my dorm building! I’ll check my binders and decks
  • Just yesterday I got two mythics and had to kill two mice. Even trade off? Maybe?
    I got Crucible of Worlds and Arcades, the Strategist!
  • I have a signed Force of Will but my favorite card I have is a Hedron Crab I opened in my first pack that I played in a mill deck that beat Death and Taxes once. I keep it in a frame.
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