You know that feeling, where you pull something totally outrageous and it wins you the game?

For example:

Me and my friend were gaming hard. I was playing a Bolas, The Deceiver deck
(1 Nicol Bolas, the Deceiver
3 Wasp of the Bitter End
3 Khenra Eternal
2 Burning-Fist Minotaur
2 Aerial Guide
2 Eternal of Harsh Truths
1 Ammit Eternal
2 Marauding Boneslasher
4 Zealot of the God-Pharaoh
2 Manticore Eternal
2 Supernatural Stamina
2 Magma Spray
2 Open Fire
3 Final Reward
1 Throne of the God-Pharaoh
2 Visage of Bolas
4 Cinder Barrens
4 Crypt of the Eternals
5 Island
6 Swamp
7 Mountain)

And my friend was playing Red-White dinosaurs (Huatli deck)

He destroyed my Planeswalker, got his own on the field,

He has 5 life, I have 1, he's about to attack with his swarm of creatures and/or trigger Huatli's ultimate...

And then I do this:

I activate the ability of Zealot of the God-Pharaoh (4{r}: Deal 2 damage to target opponent)

And then I play Open Fire.

And the game ends 1 life to me, 0 life to him.

I don't know quite how to describe that feeling.


  • What are you asking other than making me envy such an experience?
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    Yeah, I really just wanted to brag about that one game I had under a righteous cause XD
  • I always love the ones where your opponent gets you down to 1 life and then the game turns, and then they watch helplessly as you slowly dismantle them
  • @Corwinnn

    Oh, yeah, that's my favorite way to win! (Besides the one mentioned in the post)
  • OK GUYS,

    so I KID YOU NOT:

    Another one happened just today:

    I was playing an Ixalan Jace deck

    (1 Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage
    1 Herald of Secret Streams
    1 Fleet Swallower
    2 Kumena's Speaker
    2 Jungle Delver
    2 Deeproot Warrior
    3 Jace's Sentinel
    2 Shaper Apprentice
    2 Vineshaper Mystic
    2 Shapers of Nature
    2 Jade Guardian
    2 Headwater Sentries
    1 Tempest Caller
    2 Air Elemental
    2 Grasping Current
    3 River Heralds' Boon
    4 Castaway's Despair
    4 Woodland Stream
    11 Forest
    11 Island)

    He had Shivan dragon and 2 others on the battlefield (He was playing Sarkhan Vol), and was getting ready to obliterate me on the next turn. I had 0 creatures to block, and had just ran out of Castaway's Despairs, so I do this:

    Jace had the exact amount of loyalty to cast the ultimate - so I cast the ultimate, Jace dies in the process, gain control of the Shivan dragon and the others, and get him all the way to EXACTLY zero. Ironic.
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    Wow. That sounds like an epic game you had @HeroKP. It reminds me of a game I had this ones epic, I'll never experience another game like it. Before I came home from doing time I had a game with 9 other guys, we all was in teams of 2 (so 5 teams total) and each team was on their own. All these guys came together for me as their way of saying goodbye. Heck, some of them didn't like each other, but they did this for me, I'll never forget it. This dude nicknamed Tex was my teammate. I had my draw/discard deck blue and black. Long story short, I got out sangromancer and megrim and lilianas caress and underworld dreams. (No one did nothing to stop the enchantments, can you believe that?) Anyways, we was attacked badly and Tex had nothing out to protect us while I was setting up for the win, or at least I was trying to, I was carrying us for a few turns. I had at one point no choice but to block with sangromancer or we was gonna die. Then, of all cards, Tex saves both our a$$e$ and sangromancer's @$$ by playing Dark Dabbling, which regenerated sangromancer. I fist pumped the air, because the next turn, I killed the entire table with wheel and deal. It combos nicely with those enchantments I had out. This one dude nicknamed Rocket was like "That's how you gonna leave us, Corey?" I said "yeah I guess so." I'll never forget that feeling, it was insane and I can't believe I pulled that off, I couldn't have done it without Tex's help. (I've had several epic games, but I wanted to share that one.)
  • Lady Luck seems to favor you
  • I was playing that Nicol Bolas deck and I was about to mill out against a mill deck when I realized I had lethal. A kid who was watching the game actually gawked and said "Wait - HE won?"
  • Sounds like you guys have better games than I do. Most games I play with my friends the winner is effectively decided by turn three, even if the game takes another ten turns.
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    It was like this when I started out as well, but then by Year 5 of magic things started to get more interesting.

  • @Corwinnn: the new Niv-Mizzet regularly produces such wins for me on Arena. I've lost a grand total of 2 games in which I got to untap with him (I've lost a whole bunch where I didn't even live to 6 mana, though...)
  • Not technically an insta-win, but in edh, I turn one swamp into solring into jet medallion. I had to convince someone not to turn 0 concede. I won that game
  • Is that username the dark crystal?
  • I just pulled Clever Impersonator to dupe my Telepath Unbound, allowing me to recast Archive Trap twice, winning the game! That felt good!
  • Ok, so stupid game rules (basically, we made these bits up)
    30 health each
    Max hand size 10, and starting draw 10
    Draw 2, drop 2 (draw two cards per turn, drop two lands per turn)
    2 v 1
    I had my Nekuzar commander deck being used against a Gruul planeswalker deck and an Izzet planeswalker deck. The command deck is one of taxing life from card draw and discard. I had just lost to both of those decks individually.
    Turn 1: I drop a swamp and a rupture spire. Izzet dropped a gate and a mountains, Gruul dropped a mountain. He was somehow manascrewed.
    Turn two: I played two more lands and a Waste Not. Others placed lands and creatures.
    Turn thee: Everyone was tapped out. I placed two more lands, then played Megrim and Windfall. Both my opponents had ten cards in hand, for a total of one land, four creatures, and fifteen that were neither. I ended up drawing twenty five cards and had two black mana. Paid one of them for a sol ring, then cast Dark Deal.

    Game, set, match.
  • every commander game I've ever played I either go down to less then 5 or I go straight up past 100 I've only played like 5 rounds where I stay at 30-50
  • Me and my play group for Comnander 2019 had the store owner, playing Mystic intellect, pinned down. We planned on killing him so we could get his wall commander off the field. I was playing the Naya populate deck, and was just about to smack him silly with a permanent copy of his wall and Sun Titan, as well as the cards I got with Sun Titan. Then... This happened.

    Double freaking Storm Herd. Almost 80 Pegasi swinging for lethal
  • @DrakeGladis At our entire pod
  • Dang. That hurts.
  • I made an aggro infect deck just to counter my friends op life deck. I won on turn 2 :) It made me really happy to finally beat it.
  • ew infect...

    I play a full control [memnarch] artifact that is either the easiest road to victory or the most painful experience possible (against another memnarch)
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    I won my first game of Commander by casting Phthisis on a Serra Avatar after looking weak and having its controller kill everyone else.
    image image
  • @AxNoodle That is brilliant
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    @AxNoodle Serra is dead now!
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    I recently won a game in Arena because an opponent stole my Fires of Invention
    They were playing one of those dimir revive decks with bond of revival to pull giant creatures they had milled like drakuseth, sephara, and impervius greatwurm. I was playing an enchantment deck, so I had out Ethereal Absolution.
    Long story short, they could cast two spells on their turn only. If they attempted to pull something out of the graveyard, I just exiled their target with Ethereal absolution. If they didn't and milled instead, at the end of their turn, I exiled either their reanimation spells from the graveyard (they were running mission briefing so they could keep casting bond of revival) or some random creature. They literally stole my enchantment and lost the game cause they didn't realize how badly it would work for their deck versus mine
  • Does getting Murderous Rider at five of the eight prereleases I played in count?
  • For me, that was my opponent playing one of those graveyard recursion decks that @RohanDragoon mentioned, and getting out a Drakuseth on turn four or five. Fortunately, I was playing ramp and was able to cast Mass Manipulation at X=1, stealing it before they could swing. They scooped quickly thereafter.
  • This one isn't mtg related, but I still think it fits:

    So me and my dad are playing memoir 44, a ww2 strategy game. I'm playing the germans, he's playing the british. He's one kill away from winning, and i draw this card that lets me use most of my units. I just send them all at these units who's only at one health but well fortified, and eventually get enough kills to win the game from an almost losing state.
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