EDH Commander deck ideas/opinions!

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So it's no secret that I play commander EDH. I came up with this idea for an off-topic chat concerning all of you here as to what you think would be good in certain EDH Commander decks!

Post your commander deck(s) here guys. Please share with us your monstrosities you have unleashed upon the EDH realm! If anyone has ideas for these decks that they think may improve them, feel free to drop your comment(s). Thats the premise of this discussion.

I'll start. I've been working on a tribal treefolk commander deck and Doran, the Siege Tower is the commander. It is a white, black, and green deck based around the toughness of creatures. Do any of you got any ideas? If you want me to ill list the contents of the deck if someone asks.


  • I built a Pir and Toothy incremental growth deck, using cards that grow over time such as managorger hydra, lorescale coatl, and similar cards. I also use clone and copy effects to either make more of them or to copy an opposing threat. I run cards like prime speaker zegana (the true prime speaker of the simic) and Garruk Primal Hunter to capitalize off of my high power creatures. Also, callous oppressor can be great fun, especially when copied.
  • @notmyprimespeaker you excited about the prerelease coming up next week?
  • I am building a colorless deck on artifacts and eldrazi, all because i got All is Dust on christmas.
  • @Bowler218 There is a new artifact creature that you could use for the commander in the Dominaria set that looks pretty good, I have the card I just can't remember what it's name is off the top of my head right now.
  • Ok, i have one spot left in my deck, besides buying my commander.
  • @Bowler218 care to share whats in your artifact deck currently?
  • Ok:
    2 wastes
    1 rouge's passage
    1 ghost town
    1 maze's end
    1 evolving wilds
    1 warped landscape
    1 gemstone mine
    1 urza tower/mine/power plant (three cards that need each other)
    1 sunscorched desert
    1 rupture spire

    1 spatial contortion

    1 cobbled wings
    1 skeleton key
    1 scroll of the masters
    1 living armor
    1 key to the city
    1 kitesail
    1 captain's claws
    1 haunted plate mail
    1 traveler's amulet
    1 ensouled scimitar
    1 pirate's cutlass
    1 fountain of youth
    1 marauder's axe
    1 titan forge
    1 otherworld atlas
    1 teferi's puzzle box
    1 golem foundry
    1 venser's journal
    1 knowledge pool
    1 malachite talisman
    1 darksteel brute
    1 throne of the god pharoah
    1 sisay's ring
    1 silent dart
    1 anvil of bogadan
    1 haunted cloak
    1 seer's lantern
    1 jar of eyeballs
    1 hierophant's chalice
    1 soul seperator
    1 oracle's vault
    1 millstone
    1 explosive apparatus
    1 obelisk of undoing
    1 golden urn
    1 glasses of urza
    1 crystal rod
    1 wooden sphere
    1 razortip whip
    1 urza's bauble
    1 honed khopesh
    1 triangle of war
    1 whitche's eye
    1 torch gauntlet

    1 all is dust

    1 sickleslicer
    1 akroan horse
    1 diamond mare
    1 accomplished automation
    1 tetravus
    1 triskelion
    1 amaranthine wall
    1 night market guard
    1 clay statue
    1 artisan of kozilek
    1 desolation twin
    1 gileded sentinal
    1 filigree crawler
    1 volatile servant
    1 renegade freighter
    1 sky skiff
    1 eternal scourage
    1 kozilek's pathfinder
    1 reality smasher
    1 matopi golem
    1 opaline unicorn
    1 howling golem
    1 keldon battle wagon
    1 volatile rig
    1 ulamog's crusher
    1 myr propagator
    1 yotian soldier
    1 myr sire
    1 field creeper
    1 crackdown construct
    1 pentavus
    1 sparring construct
    1 thraben gargoyle// stonewing antagonizer
    1 skyscanner
    1 jhoria's familiar
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    Yeah, I'm pretty excited for prerelease. Simic ascendancy looks pretty insane with Pir, as the first counter becomes 2 counters, which becomes 3 simic ascendency counters. Biogenic ooze looks like it can get out of hand quickly, especially with duplication. And of course, biogenic upgrade and galloping lizfrog make for some fun shenanigans. I don't like Vannifar though, thus my username, she seems more golgari than simic. Simic is about making your creatures bigger, so you dont want to sac those to vannifar. Vannifar's ability synergizes with all 3 golgari mechanics though. The only simic one that even sorta works with her is graft, when the creature becomes small enough.
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    More red/green noncreature love with Rendriel?

  • In paper, I have a casual Breya deck mostly filled with value winnies and a 25$ skullbriar deck. I had a tasigur deck filled with polymorphs and pongifys based on Emperor's New Groove and an Exava voltron deck but I tore them down since I'm gonna build either Judith or Rakdos.

    On untap, I have a "group hug" Xira Arien who drops Mycosynth Lattice then Vandalblasts, a Trostani Discordant tokenchantments deck, a competitive Breya deck, a spikey Jhoira Weatherlight deck, and a deck off of my custom commander Phorcykah that turns stuff into artifacts to destroy or steal.
  • EDH is pretty much the only format I find fun these days!
    I have a number of decks that I've given out and such, but my own include an upgraded Atraxa, Praetor's Voice deck, built around her usual counter shenanigans and some happy planeswalkers. A mono-green Nissa, Vastwood Seer with big stompy bois and chunks of ramp that lead into huge boards of tokens or very, very strong single creatures.
    A new project and something I've looked forward to for months is a Jodah, Archmage Eternal deck I played for the first time today!
    Cheating out Winning Eldrazi and insanely high value instant/sorceries is hilarious fun... If the table doesn't rush me down before I get my colours, at least
  • @sorinjace
    is the decklist ok? i just need 1 or 2 cards and buy my commander.
  • Tribal merfolk with Brudiclad.
  • @Bowler218 i would also get the land i think its called tomb of the spirit dragon where you can tap pay into its ability you gain life for each colorless creature you control. It was intended for morph creatures when it came out in the tarkir block, but it saw a lot of play in commander decks with artifact or eldrazi creature decks, maybe even more so than morph decks themselves. But thats a suggestion. Id also cknsider elixir of immortality to deal with guys like me who like to mill players.
  • @brcien could you share with us whats in your breya deck and in your competative deck please? They sound intriguing!
  • I've been trying to make sigarda voltron, and an currently trying to find the balance between using auras for buffing as opposed to equipments.
  • @Lujikul forgive my ignorance but what does voltron mean? I've been hearing this term for awhile now so for this topic it may help others too besides myself to know when referencing a deck. Also what makes a deck "competitive" different from other decks, is it similar to aggressive decks? Can anyone make a list of types of decks and describe each type please? Thanks!
  • @sorinjace

    Using Auras and Equipments to buff up creatures. Usually has some creatures than a bunch of auras and equipments to make them bigger, like how Voltron has things coming together to make a stronger thing.
  • In my card shop, the only competitive decks in edh are monoblue infini turn decks, or infini mana. Each one costing 10k-15k in cards alone, not counting deck boxes and sleeves.
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    Thanks @pjbear2005! Man in that case, i have quite a few Voltron decks myself! My favorite one is probably my Avacyn, Angel of Hope deck. It has a bunch of decent equipment in it. My Aurelua the War Leader deck does this as well.

    I have two enchantment based edh decks as well: Bruna, Light of Alabaster and Krond the Dawn Clad. My playgroup don't mind my Bruna deck, but hate on my Krond deck :p
  • My favorite deck is a Rashmi, Eternities Crafter deck, it was my first ever commander deck that I have played.
  • Isn't Rashmi an elf with fabricate? I think...? Whats all in the deck build?
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    That's Rashmi, the deck focuses on mana ramp, getting her trigger on both my turns and opponents turns to get a lot of stuff out and overwhelm the opponent
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    @pjbear2005 Oh wait! Yeah i got that elf! I had it as a thief deck when i used her though, but i tire that deck down awhile back.
  • here's the "competitive" Breya

    In EDH, there's hundreds of different types of decks but the main types are

    Voltron--Using equipment and auras to boost your commander and kill people with commander damage

    Combo--Draw a lot of cards or use tutors to make infinite combos. These are the most competitive decks.

    Aristocrats--You win over time by having creatures that deal damage as they enter or die, recurring them a bunch

    Flicker--You play a bunch of cards that have enter the battlefield effects and cards that flicker them (exile then return to the battefield or return from graveyard)

    Enchantress--You play a bunch of enchantments. Usually enchantments that make it to where no one else can play.

    Stax--Using cards like Winter Orb to restrict what cards people can play while usually not restricting yourself. Automatically a dirtbag if you play Stax.

    Tribal--Playing a bunch of one creature type and getting boosts for doing so.
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    @brcien pretty much has made a solid list, but one that seems to have slipped under the radar is politics decks. These decks tend to utilize effects that encourage your opponents to beat up on each other instead of you, whether because your retaliation will be devastating, or because they get rewarded for attacking one another. Examples of politic decks include, but are not limited to: Edric, Zedruu, Gahiji, and, to an extent, Thantis.
  • @Lujikul ah yeah, but i never heard them called politics decks. My playgroup refers to those kinds of decks as hug decks.

    Theres also mill decks and noncreature decks and thief decks and chaos decks too.
  • I will eventually get around to putting up my deck lists.
  • Should I also put up my G, B/G, and W/R decks (aka Nissa's mana pool, IDK Golgari, and wanna be Voltron Boros)
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