What after Bolas?


Here, I have five ideas which will be amazing to do if magic even exists after the Bolas arc. For every single one, there are literal thousands of people who would be overjoyed to see them. So let's go...

5. Return to Theros

Theros is an interesting plane built around the rich cultures of antiquity (IRL Antiquity, not magic antiquity). A lot of people loved Theros, Born of the Gods and Into the Nyx, and a sufficient amount of time has passed since original Theros for us not to feel overwhelmed.

Of all these suggestions, one had to come last, and I'm putting Theros here since it had a pretty fulfilling story. On the other hand, Ashiok is still out there, so definitely a lot of potential.

4. Take a long forgotten plane and revamp it

Take Regatha! Or Vryn! Or anything!

A touch of nostalgia and a blank slate to spin whatever stories you want. Just have a little confidence, and believe in your creative spark.

3. Into the Blind Eternities

With Emrakul trapping herself in the moon for... reasons, we could go into the blind eternities that divide the planes themselves, and battle the true forms of the eldrazi. This would be an amazing exploration set, and the only thing holding this idea back at all is that it would be hard to explain in the lore.

But if they resist the cash-grab urges and properly flesh out such a journey, then sign me right up.

2. Shandalar?

Please? Pretty please?

Talrand is just #KioraButGood, and an amazing blue mage that actually has decent power and toughness to back it up (something holding us blue players back). Since it's essentially a clean slate after recent events, WotC can make ANYTHING happen there.

Just do it.

1. Llorwyn.

No comment.

Take us to Llorwyn, cowards


  • Does Kamigawa count towards number four?
  • Give Rabiah some love will you please
  • Kamigawa!
  • According to a Mark Rosewater article, "I get request to return to Theros from two groups: the people who love Greek mythology and had fun seeing Magic's version of it, and fans of Elspeth who are interested in what is going on with her." I fall into both camps. Let's go back to Theros! (And come on, why wasn't Elspeth in War of the Spark? Unless she's the Wanderer...)
  • @Corwinn @Lujikul

    I don't think anyone has forgotten Kamigawa...

    *Vietnam flashback to Kiki Jiki, Mirror Breaker*

    But yeah, sure. If we can get behind all the baggage, let's go back to Kamigawa.
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa

    It's fanon at this point that she is, in fact, the wanderer.
  • It would appease me greatly if the wanderer, was, in fact, literally anyone besides Elspeth or Emrakul.
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa - I am both! I love Greek Mythology and like what they did with it (much better than what they did with Egyptian mythology IMO), and Elspeth is my favorite planeswalker by far, so I'd love to see her back!
  • I hope we get to see Teyo's home plane (I think it's called Gobakhan). It sounds kind of awesome. I mean, it has diamond storms. Other than that, I'd also like to see a somewhat sympathetic antagonist. But yeah.
  • It might be like Amonket
  • @HeroKP Battling the true from of the Eldrazis? You might as well trying to fight all the armies of the world with only your fist.

    Ya clearly lost yer minds.
  • I think yeeting into the Blind Eternities would be a good idea later on. I feel as though that would require a new influx of planeswalkers (those with very unique abilities that enable them to, well, exist there...or simply, #ubanJace, I think he's powerful enough to do that), and WOTS gave us plenty of those. Maybe they could be Interplaneswalkers or something (perhaps as a slang term). "Eternal Walkers," maybe? Who knows. We'd have a whole new way to become one. Maybe Teferi could alter the time around him to make it so he is physically in a plane, but it's essentially a chunk of that plane where he once stood. Stuff like that, I dunno. (Ya boi is p new to MTG in general).

    Though I'd absolutely love to see it happen because I'm curious how the Eldrazi story is going play out.

    But I really want to see it come to be. Screw it, Into the Blind Eternities it is. Plus I love the Eldrazi, and Emrakul could...untrap herself from the moon...maybe.

    the true forms of the Eldrazi should actually just be squirrels that have ascended to be interplaneswalkers.
  • @Corwinnn! Did you hear that! WOTC is finally noticing you and taking how awesome you are and putting it in real MTG cards!
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    I think they will do one of 3 things.

    1. Go back to Theros. As has been stated, people love Greek mythology (and Theros incorporated that well, unlike Amonkeht did with Egyptian mythology, imo), and people love Elspeth and want to see her again (like me! Give me Elspeth! Favorite planeswalker not named Serra!).

    2. Did the Phyrexian's ever conquer New Phyrexia? If so, what next? If they never completely succeeded, what's going on with the remnants of Mirrodin? There are a lot of interesting non-planeswalker characters that were just left there fighting a losing battle with no real resolution.

    3. An unknown plane seen in nothing but lore and Planechase cards. I play a good amount of planechase, and there are a TON of cards referencing planes they've never introduced.

    As to the wanderer... I'm still convinced that's Emrakul.

    Edit: I'd be fine with a return to Lorwyn too. Kamigawa... meh. I love Japanese lore and Shinto myth, but I wasn't a big fan of Kamigawa.
  • @RayearthIX The phyrexians did end up conquering New Phyrexia, as suggested by cards like the GU Ezuri. If I remember correctly, last we heard of the phyrexians was that they were working on making an interplanar portal.
  • Are you guys serious, take us back to Alara, where the planes of Bant, Grixis, Esper, Jund, and Naya orignated from. It is where Nicol Bolas' current story arc started. Lets see how Alara is doing after the fall of Bolas...
  • @spookops I would also see a return to alara at some point, but the main problem is, now that the shards are merged, there isn't a lot of unique things about it anymore.

    The most likely way we could get to see it again is if Tezzeret escaped back there, and the gatewatch and their ever-growing army of affiliated planeswalkers followed him.
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    @Lujikul - So... according to the online wikis...The Phyrexian's won in a final battle, and during it, captured the angel Atraxa and turned her into a Phyrexian (yay for proliferate EDH). Elesh Norn eventually defeated the other Phyrexian overlords to become the sole ruler of the plane. However, they've never stated certain key figures are dead or corrupted. For example, last we saw, Melira was still holding out in a small village, and she is the only one to this point that we know of who can remove phyrexian taint from the corrupted (though it does require a sacrifice). I'd love to know what's happened since... and if they can find a way to give Glissa her spark back, she could become the first (I think at least) Phyrexian planeswalker (since she had a spark which she gave up to save Mirrodin... albeit temporarily and was turned into a phyrexian herself).
  • I don't if I should do this but...


    I like ninjas, okay?

    Return to Kamigawa will have Green Ninja Squirrels!
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    RETURN TO AHMONKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RETURN TO AHMONKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RETURN TO AHMONKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @KorandAngels Just wait for 20 or more years.

    And stop spamming or @Corwinnn will ban your ass from the MTGCS.
  • @KorandAngels While I think that a return to Amonkhet would be nice, that's largely because I like the fact that it's currently in a vaguely post-apocalyptic state and think that there would be a lot of neat design space there. Because that's the main thing I want from it, I'd probably actually be happier with a new plane in a vaguely similar state than Amonkhet's return.

    Also, it's just too recent a set to get a return if the previous behaviour of wizards is anything to base it off of (with the shortest time between returns being about five years).
  • We’re going pack to Lorwyn. First, UMA had new art for plenty of Lorwyn’s creatures, which I took as a sign that the art team had been working on a new look for the beloved Celtic plane. Plus, Pacifism just got reprinted with a Lorwyn inspired art (which would be strange if we weren’t going there soon), and featured elemental tribal, a mechanic that appeared in original Lorwyn block. Now, technically Lorwyn will still be Shadowmoor for approximately another 290 years, but hey, it’s the WotC creative team, and, if Dominaria taught me anything, it’s that they don’t really care about what they previously set up decades ago.
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  • @Tigersol

    Thank you, sunny feline, for giving me hope. I hope what you say doth bring the truth
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    I wouldn't be so persistent if someone else would help.
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