Throne of Eldraine officially revealed
Not much else to say, and we've known about the set for a couple days now, but this is our first look into the plane and art.


  • Summary of everything:
    -Eldraine "is Magic's take on 'Camelot meets Grimm's fairy tales.'" It will feature knights, courts, and references to iconic fairy tales.
    -Eldraine will feature Borderless planeswalkers, extended art cards, and "Showcase" cards. As seen above is a regular version of its card next to its "Showcase" version.
    -"Showcase" cards and borderless planeswsalkers will be available in regular booster packs.
    -Extended art cards will be available in a product called "The Collector Booster"
    -Alongside Eldraine will be preconstructed brawl decks which will feature 7 exclusive, unique cards.

    The collection booster is a special boosterpack featuring 15 cards and a foil token. The contents will be:
    1 rare/mythic rare with extended art
    1 foil rare/mythic rare
    9 foil commons/uncommons
    3 special frame cards (showcase cards and/or borderless planeswalkers)
    1 ancillary card (whatever that means)
    1 foil token
  • Also the official article just technically went online, but the link to the article from the article homepage (which has the article as a top story, mind you) links to an access denied page. Heh.
  • Ancillary Cards will be the Buy-a-Box card, the new cards from the Planeswalker Decks, and the new cards from the Brawl Decks.
  • Wow, just saw the illustrations on Twitter, I don't think I've ever been that hyped about an upcoming set in my life O__O It's everything I've ever wanted xD
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