Your Weirdest MTG Stories

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What weird stuff has happened to you or someone you know when playing Magic the Gathering? Whether you share your own story or someone else’s, any crazy stuff goes!

Whether you play Tabletop, MTG Arena, MTGO, Magic Duels, and, and whether it’s gameplay or just Magic related, we want to see what crazy, weird, and funny stuff has occurred in the MTG community!

Feel free to publish as many of your own stories as you have, but try to limit yourself to one a day, and no more than five stories from other people.


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    I think I already posted this somewhere, but here goes:

    I am in a very casual late-afternoon match with my friend, me playing Hour of Devastation Bolas and him playing a homebrew Sarkhan Vol deck.

    It's the endgame. He's at 4 life, I am at 2. He has Sarkhan on the battlefield, ready to ult, and a small army of dragons and drakes. All I have is a Marauding Boneslaher and a Zealot of the God Pharaoh. I have eight lands open. It's JUST not enough to activate Zealot two times and win, BUT!.. Salvation comes on the draw. It's Open Fire.

    Activate Zealot, flash out Open Fire, GG.
  • @HeroKP
    7 lands wouldn't have been enough...
  • In the only prerelease I attended for Kaladesh I managed to cast Larger Than Life on an Electrostatic Pummeler and then pump it with its ability several times so that I could swing for 320 trample damage. What really hurts me about the incident is that I had had to activate the ability once on the previous turn to save it from some sort of removal, so I could have gone for 640 if that hadn't happened.
  • @Faiths_Guide Sorry, typo. 8 lands.
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    So, uh... yeah. Somehow I cracked Fraying Omnipotence during the double headed giant M19 prerelease. I then ended four double headed giant matches in a row by draw because of Fraying Omnipotence, even though I only had one in my deck. (3 matches from using, the last one went into extra turns.) Two times I got it in opening hand, and one time I got it on my team’s fourth turn. In the match that ended by draw due to extra turns, I would of drawn FO on my team’s fourth turn anyways. Odds of this happening? Let’s add it up!

    Odds of Cracking Fraying Omnipotence in this event: ~8 in 53 (one chance per pack, 53 rares in M19, four packs per person), ~15% chance

    Odds of FO being in opening hand: 7 in 42 (since I was using a 42 card deck), ~17% chance

    Odds of having FO by turn 4: 11 in 42, ~26% chance

    TL;DR: Probability of all of this happening like this: One in 3476.9752957, 0.02876063% chance. Hate to say, but you’d be more likely to win five scratch offs in a row....
  • I can not understand this, but watch this video for a CRAZY burn story.

  • Ive got irl stories relating to magic, do those count @Tommia?
  • @sorinjace that’s exactly what I’m looking for! MTG Arena, MTGO, Magic Duels, and stories also count!
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    Idk if I’m ready for Commander, but when it works, my old Theros block deck is crazy...

    In the late game, someone was running my Black/White Theros deck with multiple copies of Sunbond and enchanted a Hopeful Eidolon with two Sunbonds and Nighthowler Bestowed...

    There were twelve creatures in graveyard, so this guy swings for 13/13 lifelink, BOOM. 26 counters. The opponent chump blocked each turn, and this son of a gun had more counters than I had dice, all the while this guy was gaining that much life. I think it was in the hundreds at the end of the match... I can’t imagine what it would look like with cards from outside the set (Bolas’s Citadel? Sure! I’ll just play my whole deck!). Lesson learned; never stall against my Theros deck.
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    It's not related to any game situation. But as I was surrendering, since I was getting mana screwed, I claimed: "Where are my lands?!"
    As this happens, the chair I was sitting on bends backwards and I fall. As I do this I try to grab the first thing I can (which, I don't know why, that's the top of my library.)

    Two seconds later, there you have me: laying on the floor with like 8 lands and my entire hand. Everyone looking at me. My friends are still laughing about it.

    edit: I apologize if this is not what you were looking for :S
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  • Corey, that didn’t ping me for whatever reason.
  • But yeah, that was hilarious.
  • Last year my friend got an unopened booster box of Invasion set, so we decided to do draft... One of my friend build a 5 color deck and won 2 games with Coalition Victory.
  • @Tomigon That would do it
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    I was doing a FRIENDLY draft of Rivals of Ixalan and Guilds of Ravnica (Rivals of Ravnica) and I was passed both Steam Vents and Overgrown Tomb in the draft. Afterwards I told the person who passed them that they we're (at the time) like $10 - $15 dollar cards. We laughed.

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    I was in a 4 man pod for edh/commander and one of my friends decided to focus the crap out of me because of my newest creation (Monoblack "Definitely Not Braids" deck).

    So said friend decided to use Revival//Revenge (Revenge) on me and copied it a few times... 4 to be exact. At this point i went down to exactly 1 HP.

    So to return the favor to the rest of the pod, since no one did anything about it, i use Repay in Kind. Lets just say the game ended very quickly after that. Definitely some fun times.
  • So for the longest time brothers group hug deck has had Stuffy Doll and Pariah and after two years we finally pulled off the combo this July lmso
  • I posted this deleted it then decided after seeing how this discussion has been going that it does indeed have a place in this discussion. So, here it is: The story behind why I recreated Black Market custom style.

    So I had a card deal that went bad and i had to give the cards to the cops to give back to this dude. He was being a jerk and wanted money faster than I promised him, so I tried to just give them back to him, but he wigged out on me and called police to keep the peace (though he was being the aggressive one). The cops and I had a good laugh though at his expense! Turns out, the cards he tried to sell me? They was stolen. I'm glad I gave them back in the long run. (I ended up getting those cards, different copies of them of course, from another person instead well after that. No worries.)
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    Meanwhile, general bad luck.

    So there’s this magic shop in town I decided to start going to. The shop I used to go to was about 30 minutes away and had a toll bridge, so a shop only 5 minutes away was like a godsend. I called to see when their booster draft was on Saturday. They said 6. Turns out, someone else had taken the call, and they actually started at 4.

    Next time, I made sure to arrive before 4. After about two hours waiting, the owner of the store got angry because no one came, so he just gave me four packs and a promo for a discount.

    On my most recent expedition, even though it was an inconvenience to me, I came to the shop on Friday. Even though we had three other people say they’d come, and five other people with Magic the Gathering gear showed up, everyone had come to play Dungeons and Dragons instead. So... why bring your things to play Magic?!

    Anyways, if it weren’t for the fact that I planned on trying D&D anyways, I wouldn’t be going back. This is the first time this has happened at a Magic store I’ve gone to.
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    I was at the prerelease of Modern Horizons, and it was notably odd because the owner was participating.

    I had won all of my games up to that point and then I found myself face to face against the owner. He immediately started kicking my ass. I lost the first game in maybe 6 turns. I eeked through the second game, winning with about 3 health left. On the third game, it started out like the first, except he then just stopped and forfeited.

    He slid me two Modern Horizons packs under the table and then marked me down as having won. It was a really nice thing to do and still weird. I mean, as the owner, you aren't getting anything out of winning, but you reduce the amount of free stuff you're giving away...

    I still got terrible rares... Unlike Arin who got a sword, Yawgmoth, and one of those $50 lands.
  • On a much lighter note, Kaladesh was a great prerelease for me. I pulled a masterpiece card that (at that time) was worth $250 bucks. I can't remember what it was, manavault? Anyways, I traded it quickly because it was going to drop in value (and drop it did; it dropped to $150) and I got a TON of planeswalkers and then some cool rares all the cards totalling up to $250 bucks. I finished 8th in that prerelease as well. I still haven't come anywhere near as close to that place in a prerelease since then. :(
  • Back when I was first learning to play magic, it was right after Scars of Mirrodin came out, me and a couple friends were going to go play with some missionaries from one of their churches, since they're the ones that got us into Magic. That's already pretty strange, since missionaries would be the last people I'd expect to be teaching a game like MtG.

    On our way there we're running early, so I ask if we can stop at the game store on the way there. I pick up some packs before we go to play. When we get there, the one missionary was really excited to use this brand new awesome black card he pulled. As he's telling us about how excited he is for us to see it (he didn't want to tell us what it did right away), I crack open a pack of Zendikar, and his face just sinks as I pulled a foil Ob Nixilis, the Fallen. The card he had just pulled was a not foil Ob. He was so sad.
  • @EternalWolf88 aww. i feel bad for the guy.
  • I have one too that I will be sharing but my memory is horrible so I need to ask my brother to fill in the blanks I have. The gist of it is that I was cornered against a Soulless One with a P/T of over 100 but barely managed to pull out a victory because he (my brother) forgot to attack or something.
  • Okay so my brother was playing a Gisa and Geralf commander deck and in it, he had Soulless One and multiple things that made zombie creature tokens. Soulless One ended up being a 108/108 (ish, we still can't remember the exact P/T but it was between 100 and 115 or 120). My brother got distracted by our little brother and prematurely ended his turn. Normally I would let him take it back since we didn't/don't play each other super competitively and if we made a mistake then we generally let the other take it back and do it correctly or whatever. However, I wanted that one more turn to try and survive since I had a very special creature in hand. I draw for my draw step and what I get was Cyclonic Rift. I barely had enough mana to do what instantly came to mind (I think I tapped myself out just to accomplish this). I cast one Phyrexian Ingester, targeting Soulless One. In case you don't have Phyrexian Ingester memorized, when it enters the battlefield you can exile target non token creature then Phyrexian Ingester gets +X/+Y, where X is the exiled creature's power and Y is the exiled creature's toughness. I then cast Cyclonic Rift for its Overload cost. Now at this point I had only been playing Magic for about a couple months and only ever with him since I wasn't super in love with Magic. I did and do enjoy playing it but I don't think I will ever get to the point of having my own decks and such. Anyway he was very proud, mad, sad, and startled by the complete 180 the game took.
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    Welp... I guess I’d best not let you play against my Sunbond deck. Don’t even think about bumping off my 100/100 with lifelink!
  • I was in a three-man commander game, and had been steadilly ticking down in life ever since one of them got a life drain effect onto the field. I'm sitting there at two health, and cast a buff on my erstwhile ally, so that he can swing with a 25/25 Geist-honored monk with trample on the guy draining our life away. Next up is my turn, and I draw a Thundering blow. Using my commander Melek's ability to cast cards off the top of my deck, I bolted my erstwhile opponent for 12 damage total, killing him. Then I used thundering blow to tap my final opponent's only flyer and swing for lethal with my Ringwarden Owl. I went from losing on the very next turn to winning the game. We still talk about it occasionally.
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