"Custom"/Fan Format Idea

Okay, by "custom" I don't mean using custom cards (hence why this is not posted under any of the Custom Card sections). What I mean is I have sort of fan-made format in mind that would involve making "custom" reprint sets.

So, you know how a while ago WotC released Tempest Remastered, a set that consisted of reprints from across Tempest block and designed for draft? I was thinking that perhaps there was merit to a custom constructed eternal format made entirely of fan-made/"custom" remastered sets from across Magic history. Decks would be 60 cards with 15 card sideboards. Since remastered sets are relatively easy to make (since the designer is curating existing cards rather than making them from scratch). I think it could be a really fun and unique twist on modern/legacy and allow certain cards from different eras collide. Thoughts? Opinions?


  • Also, just to clarify, I'm not saying we necessarily must use Tempest Remastered itself. Most, if not all, of the format would be "[Block] Remastered" sets designed by the MTGCS community.
  • Proliferate party with Scars of Mirrodin and War of the Spark!
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    I am thinking "Metropolis", with cards primarily from Ravnica, but also featuring Theros (that had its fair share of city-themed cards) and maybe some things salvaged from Mercadian Masques, though it might prove difficult to find anything playable.

    EDIT: Conspiracy reprints might work as well
  • A "Here be Dragons" set with dragons with all throughout magic's history would also be cool
  • I was thinking more sticking with Block Remastered, but I actually like those idea. Just a format of reprint/masters-esque sets.

    If people want to contribute, I am in the process of designing my first remastered set.
  • Legendaries Remastered with appearances from Dominaria and Kamigawa mostly, with a hint of Theros. Perhaps something can be salvaged from Legends as well.
  • @HeroKP

    I did some tinkering with the "Dragons" set idea, but I quickly came to the issue that there just aren't enough nonred dragons to make a dragon set. There are only 64 nonred dragons in all of magic. Period. And that includes such classic and powerful dragons as Henge Guardian. You know? Henge Guardian, that dragon we've all heard of that was totally god in limited?

    Sarcasm aside, though, there just aren't enough dragons outside of red to construct a compelling limited format based around dragons. That's why Iconic Masters focused on iconic creature types (or, at least, attempted to), with dragons being one archetype among many.
  • @Arceus8523

    Oh, yeah. That makes sense.

  • @HeroKP

    Now, what I think could work is sort of an "Iconic Masters lite" set where there are tribal archetypes to support each major creature type, Angels, Sphinxes, Demons, Dragons, and Hydras.
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    "War of the Spark", you are only allowed to cast Planeswalkers and cards from any Signature Spellbook or vs. set involving two Planeswalkers
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