Welcome to the Constance! Saga

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, welcome to the inter-planar competition. It's time to show your resourcefulness for the challenges to come. Are you ready? We'll find out!

In all seriousness, here are the basic rules of this saga.
1) You will choose a partner, another cardsmith that is joining in this competition.
2) You will each make the following to start with...
A) A legendary creature or planeswalker card, as your commander. (Your main character!)
A2) Your starting commander can be up to two colors, or colorless if you prefer.
B) Two signature spells. (Instants/Sorceries!)
C) A land card. (Symbolizes your homeland or one of them!)
D) Any other starting support cards, up to three, if any. (You can't be too prepared!)

Judging Guidelines: (Due to lack of feedback, lore will be optional.)
1) Cards will be rated on a score of 1->10. In addition, a total score for your team will be announced alongside the same scale.

1) Will happen once a week, unless enough feedback is given for otherwise.
2) Consists of usually 1-2 cards of a specific nature or to counter a specific nature.
3) Judging happens approximately six days after the challenge has commenced.

Special Events: (Optional events!)
1) Up to twice a week, if at all, special events will occur that you may make a card for.
2) If you make a suitable card for one of these, you will receive 4 favorites on cards of yours you choose.

Now it's time for the starting lore,

"You are renowned as a member of the inter-planar community and are introduced to the 1st survival competition named Constantine. The goal of this competition is to show your ingenuity to solve problems and strive among the constant array of challenges. Don't worry there will be no deaths in this challenge as staff from the event are here to ensure the safety of all participants. But if you would fail to succeed, you will be eliminated from the competition."

Ready to join in the grand events or are you content just watching them?

Either way, happy smithing!

Theme song for the competition:



  • I'll join, but I'll just wait to see if someone will be my partner.
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    no worries.
  • @shadow123 @Lujikul @Blazin_Biscuit @ASubtleGhost @TheWanderer
    The saga is beginning in due time, so join up if still interested.
  • i'll join up, if someone wants to partner with me
  • @Bowler218
    Here's an opportunity to be the first team into the fray!
  • I'll take it!
  • I'll join. @shadow123, do you want to work together?
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    By the way, this saga is a set of endurance challenges set up to test each of your legends.

    The longer you survive, the more favorites you get. If we get enough teams to join, myself may offer bonus prizes to the final standing competitors!

    So wishing ya'll a good time in the saga!
  • I'll join, thanks for the invite.
  • Hell yeah brooda!
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    Here's my submission:





    and an additional support card


    Lore: Tek is from a small village on the plane of Elfaba, a world where there is no light and world is eternally dark. Villages such as his depend on artificial moons to light their lives, and support the crops they grow. Life is hard on the plane of Elfaba, for those who aren't able to see in the dark, and from a young age Tek decided he wanted to become a healer. He wanted to support his community by keeping them and healthy as possible, and by healing the warriors who venture outside the village to forage for materials. During his adolescence he was inducted into the religious congregation native to his hometown and trained to be a holy man among his people. Tek uses white and green mana leylines, and in addition to his healing abilities he also was born a wood elf, and as such is able to commune with animals. Tek believes that all life is precious, and wishes to do everything he can to safeguard those near to him.
  • Two Instants or sorceries!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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    (Also, did you not @ me because of that thing on the hybrid? I would like to join, only I can't do Instants and Sorceries.)

    Here's my cards:
  • Haha ya instants and sorceries are hard, difficult to find art that works.
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    Myself didn't @ you since we thought you may feel a little ticked off at moi. But you can join for sure. Just make something that you can replace instants and sorceries for something else!
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    But am only doing this because we know you don't like instants and sorceries as challenges.
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    Anyone want my alliance?
    (I did instant/sorceries. Sorry.)
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    My Character:
    (Pretend it says "Xiphos, Eternities Conduit can be your commander")

    Xiphos was born on the plane of Theros in the polis of Setessa, where he lived for most of his childhood. However, one day, his younger sister disappeared into the forest, only to be found torn to pieces by a rampaging hydra. The grief of seeing his only sibling's mangled corpse caused Xiphos' latent planeswalker spark to ignite, hurling him into the Blind Eternities. However, his trials were not over yet. As the new planeswalker whirled though the all-consuming void, he came into contact with a horrifying being of eldritch power. The contact warped his newly-formed planeswalker spark, 'inverting' it, as it were. Now, whenever he reaches inside himself for magic power, he touches the void, and can channel the Blind Eternities into his magic, often at personal cost. Furthermore, he occasionally loses his grip on a spell, sending it spiraling out of control and turning his surroundings to ash.

    Signature Spells:

    The warping and annihilating nature of Xiphos' magic can even terminate the existence of spells cast against him, though reaching for such power in a short amount of time can harm him.


    Xiphos hates destroying, but it seems to be all that he is capable of. Sometimes, however, he is able to scare off opponents by revealing a quick glimpse of the horrifying void from whence his magic comes.



    Xiphos was born in Setessa, but can he ever go back? He dares not, for doing so would risk destroying the last link to his childhood.

    Edit: Supporting Card!


    Xiphos has never ascertained the identity of what he encountered that fateful day in the Blind Eternities, but now he knows that he would rather not. Some things were not meant to be known by a mortal mind.
  • @KingTalk
    After a short amount of reviewing, our characters' interests are close enough that we could be allied. Do you mind our characters teaming up?

    Some Lore:
    Artiel is an Avatar, native to an undiscovered plane. That world is located near the centre of the multiverse, and has much mana available, and much of that mana creates it's only intelligent life: Avatars, angels, demons and Illusions.
    Artiel's spark didn't so much ignite as it was willingly lit by Artiel himself. (The inhabitants of the plane are aware of the multiverse.).
  • @TheWanderer Sure! I’m honored that you asked to be my parter out of all the other cardsmiths :)
  • @KorandAngels sure! I was kinda thinking the same thing haha
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    If someone wants to be my partner, I'll join.

    Edit: Partner found!
  • A temporal rift appeared somewhere. I don't like where this is going...
  • In Case of Scheduling Issues, Announcement:
    Hello fellow cardsmiths, myself am announcing a safety valve in case a cardsmith is unable to attend a challenge for one of the weeks every now and then, and myself want your opinion on if you feel this is fair. Please comment below if you think this is a good idea or not!

    Proposed Idea...

    Up to once every four weeks, for each team's partners, that partner may skip a week's challenge and not earn those favorites for the week. This is to allow for safety in participation when issues in scheduling occur over real life events.

    How would one claim skipping a week? Basically before the week's judging you must send myself a message here or via private message explaining why you can't attend the given week. We will be very understanding, as long as there's a reason you can't attend the week's challenge.


    How do you feel about this proposal?
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    I'd love to join, if anyone will pair up with me.
    Edit: Cards will come soon.
  • That sounds like a good idea.
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