Midnight Mansion

“Hello, weary traveler? What brings you and you posse to my, Syr Grym’s humble abode? Oh, come in! A night or fright is ahead of us! You safety? I cannot guarantee. A spooky good time? I can.”


Welcome to my, Syr Grym’s mansion! This will be a adventure based saga like that of “Betrayal at House on the Hill” (It’s definitely the inspiration.) You and possibly some other people will be navigating this mansion, unlocking rooms, and facing what’s inside. Here’s what will happen when you join -
1. You’ll make a character. This will define what you can or can’t do.
2. Once everyone’s in, I’ll show you what the first room is. You will encounter some friendly rooms that don’t warrant a card response, but some rooms will fight back. This will require a card to combat it. Every point your card gets below 7 out of 10 is a point of damage. Each player has 13 health.

Welcome, to my mystery!


  • Whoops, forgot another important part:

    When a... certain set of conditions are met, a secret “Traitor” will be chosen. They have some extra moves they make. They want to kill everybody else. When they do, they win. When they die, everybody else wins.
  • What are the character requirements?
  • Just, like, fantasy-ish? Honestly, just don’t be huge. As long as it fits in mtg and in a room, you’re good.
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    Athmel is an archmage from Zendikar. He has searched the multiverse for new magics to learn. New fighting styles to utilize. New strategies to put to work.


    Upon arriving on Eldraine, Athmel was perplexed by the culture and society, as well as the wild magic that tore through the plane. Now, he devotes his days to learning more about the plane.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Kor
    Occupation: Archmage
    Home Plane: Zendikar
    Age: 186.
    Skills: Deduction, Spellcasting, Learning/Tutelage, Minor Mind Magic, Divination (Requires a ritual)
    Weaknesses: Frail, untrusting, not good at improvising, stubborn and overly prideful
    Traits: Mysterious, loner, stern, emotionless

    Also... Athmel is not good with planeswalking. It's the one spell he finds to be troublesome and tolling, frequently not being able to do so for years at a time, and spending days trying. So, yeah. That's not an escape method.
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    (Trying to balance the card anyway.)

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Investigator
    Home Plane: The same place as the mansion located at
    Age: 30
    Skills: Adept analyst, deduction, minor clairvoyance, minor concealment
    Weaknesses: Too focused, workaholic
    Traits: Cautious
  • @SammySammyson

    We JUST started making a set about a giant mansion... - _ -

    Oh, well. Might as well enter. :)
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    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Occupation: Adventurer
    Home plane: Ulther (The world for a set I'm working on)
    Age: 120
    Skills: Shadow Magic, quarter staff fighting
    Weakness: Has this voice in his head trying to take over
    Traits: Tries to do the right thing
    Sometimes runs off alone to confront the voice in his head.
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    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Banker (and part-time partyer)
    Home Plane: La’akea
    Age: 45
    Skills: Shrewd negotiator, very strong physically, very logical and witty. Also has a lot of money because of a magical enchantment on his family.
    Weaknesses: Quick to anger, distrustful, holds a grudge.
    Traits: Friendly, jovial, mercurial.
  • XD no one asked for the descriptions, but I'm glad to see I inspired >;3
  • @Tommia Can’t expect RPG fans like me not to flesh out our characters :P
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    I was going to make my character a ghost-of-the-mansion type of spirit, only I realised that the mansion probably already has one of its own.

    Gender: Female
    Race: Beatific Pond Dragon
    Occupation: Animal
    Home: Eldraine, or very nearby.
    Age: 79
    Skills: Weak acid breath, doesn't like to think logically.
    Weaknesses: Not physically strong.
    Traits: Adorable dragon thing, resourceful, emotional.

    This is comment number thirteen.
  • Why not a fruit dragon?
  • Is that a thing?
  • It was a joke for a while.
  • Also, since I'm also a big Betrayal nerd, here are the stats for Terin:
    (Underline is start)
    1 2 4 4 5 5 6 7
    1 2 3 3 4 5 5 6
    3 4 5 5 6 6 7 8
    1 1 2 2 3 4 4 5
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    Jesus, this blew up. I probably want 9 people to start, but i’m glad to see the flow of people!

    Sorry -

    “As Syr Grym, I am delighted to see new guests!”
  • If a bunch of people join, ill work on 2+ betrayers.
  • Also, If there’s anybody else there who wants to do a saga but thinks it might be too much work, I’ve got space open for a helper. I may have put a little much on my plate.
  • Now, this first room is a difficult one. You may face challenges here.

    Like having to talk! A true atrocity, to be sure.

    For those here now, feel free to make a card. If you do, Syr Grym will intervene the first time you would be dealt damage! Just make a card of you socializing, fraternizing, etc. Or make a card that represents your character. Just for me to get to know your characters and for you to get an advantage.


    You’ve got until the competition starts!
  • And yes, I know the card is kind of crappy design.
  • @ThatOneCat is there still space to join?
  • @ThatOneCat


    "Ever since I entered this mansion, my crystal ball has been... less than obedient. The future is uncertain. All I can see is that it is too late to escape whatever fate awaits you."
    ~Athmel, Kor Grandmaster
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    Love is in the air... or maybe murder. Darion’s a charmer.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/common-grounds

    As Terin looks around the room, he notices some little intricacies of it that remind him of the Shadowfell. He then starts chatting to the other guests, noticing how some have more adventuring experience than others.
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