Round 2a: The 'Tropenius' Situation

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Deck Theme: Forest + Island + {Advanced} "Jungle"

Jungle is the advanced merge of forest and island. It should theme elves, fairies, beauty, chaos, and anything but what's normal, except what's enchanted. The fae need someone to protect them, even from themselves, so the imerians have to deal with that there. This jungle theme, thus, relies heavily on artifacts and enchantments to win.

but that's the problem. Jungle is TOO GOOD with life, beautiful life. So, finding a way to keep them safe, without actually controlling them, is the key to winning.

Focus, thus, on the hidden forces in Eldraine. Good luck.



  • I suspect that even a good deck is going to fail, dang it.
  • I'm sorry, but I'm just confused. Are you wanting us to make UG Eldraine themed cards or decks or something?
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    Right, just an Eldraine themed deck. Focus on the aftermath of the civilization, using the enemy creatures.
  • Don’t you mean, an OKO themed deck?
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  • Please don't spam the forum with esoteric and random things.

    Plus "Generate" is not a command word in Magic.

    Jungle token? What is a Jungle? Does it give me a privilege to create a garden of weed?

    And your tap symbol is in the wrong order.
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