A challenge for artists on cardsmith! challenge (Make your own art!)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, myself am starting a black on white ink artwork challenge, with major prizes to be announced after we get confirmation from mtgcardsmith that we have the go ahead. Speaking to them later this evening!

"So how will this work, we'll have each cardsmith make a card featuring black on white ink artwork that cardsmith made. You are allowed to ask for help in making your artwork from others, so long as you show some credit that another person helped. Don't use real names, please!"

1) Art must be black on white. Can be made using digital or physical artwork.
2) You must have been involved in the process of making the artwork.
3) Credit your cardsmith account as the artist. No real names, please!
4) You can enter up to three cards.
5) Your cards may share the same versions of your artwork.
6) You may edit or swap out your cards/art anytime before the due date.

To be announced, but they will be big! Also looking for prize requests from entrants.
1st) *Bonus Surprise*, 2 months of premium subscription, 5 favorites, and a follow.
Each of 2nd & 3rd) 2 month of premium subscription, 5 favorites, and a follow.

Due Date
Challenge ends after December 31, 2019.

If you need inspiration and like both gothic and horror styled art, click here.

A few small examples are shown below!



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