Alencian War #1 {easy to play, difficult to understand}

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It's PIRATES vs AMAZONIANS. Who will ROLEPLAY better with the cards they design, duel style?

Each player begins with a total of 15 basic mana using island, forest, and swamp.
Each player starts with 3 lands that give you a choice of 2 mana.
Each player starts with 1 artifact land - the advanced manna.

Amazonians get merfolk and Jungle Manna
Pirates get brigands, thugs, rogues, and Sylvan Manna

The rules:
1) Any card type save legendary can be used. (nobody has earned it yet)
2) Create cards as if this is a duel. That means your card limit per post is based on your total manna involving your present lands, reflecting your choices involving those lands.
3) Read the startup cards involving lands above for limitations and apply such.
4) You begin with all the land cards in play, showing them, and they cannot be captured/destroyed.
5) Sharing lands with others is allowed, but only same group people and with permission.

Jungle Manna {Flower, Green OR Green/Blue}

Special Abilities:
Growth +X/+X {during each of your standby turns, this card gains +X/+X}
Regen {x} - Gain x life during each of your standby phases.
Naturalism - This card's abilities either count double or not at all. They still work.
Normal Abilities: Flying, Haste, Trample
Specializes in Plants, animals, and fliers.
"Natural Living made extremely wild"


Sylvan Manna {Horse, green/blue or silver}

Special Abilities:
Teamster +X/+X {for each other teamster present, this card gains +X/+X}
Scholastics - Pay X to gain a 1-time increase to this card's abilities.
Hunter {x,___} - Pay x to search your deck for [choice] and put it into your hand.
Normal Abilities: Reach, Haste, Trample
Specializes in Mounted Forces, Archery, and Education.
"Natural Living well-tamed"


The Prize:

The winning team chooses the next dual basic manna combo to emerge.
Each winning players can, with future rounds, make an extra basic, artifact, or normal land.
Other specials can and will apply.


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    This is just a normal duel with advanced manna pretty much.
    I'm Joining the PIRATE side of this duel. Let's begin!

    image (1)

    Total: 5
    Total: 5
    Total: 5
    Total: 1
    Total: 1
    Total: 1

    As the first pirate entered the battlefield, the scallywag cackled at this situation. "OUR advanced manna!" They jeered, intent on raiding the new island.

    It had begun.

    Total Production:

    5 forest
    5 island
    5 swamp
    1 Sylvan/Forest+Island
    1 Forest/Island
    1 Swamp/Island
    1 Forest/Swamp
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    These things actually seem like a good idea, but still a little hard to actually understand.
    I will play this. I'll assist you with your pirating.
    Total: 2
    (The land is designed to include your jungles.)
    Possibly do something else later.
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    I will focus more on providing support for the pirates. This harbor should work wonders for the pirates.
  • Time for another support card...


    This market will let me gain some life in times of trouble. Should prove very useful in the long run..
  • image

    With the exchange agency up and running, Now the pirates could support my business ventures much better than usual. Focusing on enchantments to help the players, they were poised to develop a serious economy thanks to the sylvan manna.
  • image

    Now everyone could easily gain artifacts. But that was all in the plan. While they couldn't eliminate artifacts, they could capitalize on them thanks to sylvan magics, or with careful planning from other sources.
  • image

    Yet another support feature... with this one, it's more specialized for our team, providing a good supportive economy only for us. Thus, it was quite good.
  • image

    This was going to be a naval battle, and thus, a fish market was perfect for healing potentials. Thus, with this addition, healing was going to really take a big foothold.
  • image

    The butcher cackled. "I will make a feast of ANGELS, for BREAKFAST!" He said, menacingly. With his presence on the battlefield, the enemies would quake in terror over the Alencian forces, and the Amazonians would be in for a very dangerous battle against the brigands of the pirates.
  • image

    In order to dominate the lands, the Alencians had to make a pact with the demons to sell out their essence. While painful, this allowed them to barter with their souls in the form of life energies, and thus was born the sylvan pact - written in blood.
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  • "Complicated to understand" is not quite accurate as far as phraseology goes. Complicated is used to describe the difficulty of a specific thing. The way you are using it appears to be a thesaurus cut synonym being used wrong... food for thought.
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    @Ranshi922 Yes, I know I should've used difficult… but the key there is emphasis. The big question is how much of a riddle is 'advanced manna' with simple minded people.
  • Excuse me... what do you mean by "people like you"?
  • oh, meant 'simple minded people' - sorry.
  • Very well... consider me what you wish. But I should have you know that in a right and proper duel of wits, you'd find yourself sorely outmatched. However, I will not sully myself with such antics with an abhorrent source of toxicity such as yourself.

    I have sit by quietly, watching your various levels of idiocy unfold, but you have crossed a line. This is no longer simple asininity; it is now a matter of open insult.

    @Corwinnn, could you please have a talk with my "friend" here?
  • Reizon trying his best to get stoned. It's one thing to admit that a custom mechanic is somewhat complex; it's another completely to call people morons because they can't get their head around it. If a mechanic can't be understood, it's bad design.

    Just because we are strangers with fake names on the other side of the planet doesn't mean we don't deserve a minimum amount of respect...
  • I never mean ill will even to my sworn enemies, but the problem here is the lack of civics on everyone's account. All that matters, however, is that things are safe and secure.

    So... your implying you care more for ethics? Quite understood.
  • I've explained ALL I could about the advanced manna, what's holding people back?
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    {wha… hmm, how did this doublepost, probably bad connection...}
  • @Ranshi922 Sorry for this situation, but scope is hard for me. All those details, but organizing the chaos within my mind is terribly hard. I never mean ill will to anyone, but there you have it...
  • If the clutter's getting to you, open up a google doc and jot your ideas down.
  • It's not the clutter... it's the fact that I couldn't explain my way out of a paper bag.
  • Then ramble the ideas on the doc and organize it from there. It's easier to organize a bunch of ideas into one cohesive project when you can see what you're writing on a physical/digital source than it is to do it in your brain.
  • Myself agree, my challenges usually take 10 drafts to perfect my method. Later drafts are easier than the first though.
  • Perhaps you should spend time with someone, bouncing ideas off of them one on one?
  • Meh.. thanks for the concern, but I have my doubts. I'm at a dead end with 'advanced manna' - so there.
  • @Reizon
    Myself think the main issue is your concept doesn't have its own symbol to express the idea visually.
  • Ah, ya, the advanced manna doesn't have a symbol nor colors. Very well...

    Jungle: Flower. Colors are green or green/blue.
    Sylvan: Horse. Colors are green/blue or silver.
  • @Reizon
    The concept isn't strong enough to make new type of lands and mana.

    Here are all real cards with "Sylvan" and "Jungle" in their names:
    As you can see, we don't need jungle mana or sylvan mana to make jungle/sylvan themed cards.

    If you want to introduce a new type of mana, first you have to come up with a new source of magic and its characteristics that aren't on the current color pie. I believe it's super difficult. Because the current color pie was designed to cover everything.
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