Akima's Adventures EP#1 {make your own plots...}

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The plot is quite simple. These are the adventures of a female known as Akima, and how she becomes the greatest aviator to ever exist. Presently just a pilot, she must find a way to bring aircraft to the Planes, then board a legendary aircraft she will pilot permanently.

The laws:

1. Get permission to do land cards, but your cards cannot exceed your allowance plus the non-primed Akima lands.
2. Legendary cards are limited to allies, and takes permission, except your Planeswalker.
3. For me to create cards, I must unlock the 5 kinds of mana.
4. There's quest milestones to get aircraft going... I narrate that.
5. This plot revolves around me narrating new vehicles, so expect that.

Can she do it? Let's find out.



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    Life = 23


    Current Goal:

    Earn 3 basic islands.
  • Akima just stood there, looking at the harbor. Confused to the extreme, she realized she had been warped into the planes, and knew it dealt with magic the gathering turned real. Thinking about this, she realized she had a great opportunity here, namely the change to challenge the aviators in this reality.

    Seeing the situation, she classified the harbor as Island and realized that more islands were needed. Thus, she planned on getting 3 basic islands going...

    What would happen first, however?
  • I don't believe anyone's gonna play in this. People usually make cards for their characters, especially in sagas.
  • Well, I guess I could give permission to allow a Planeswalker each. While the plot revolves around her, that doesn't mean you cannot have a plot.
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    It wasn't a matter of manna, but of number of lands. With this river in place, people could easily get mana going.

    Akima, overlooking the river, knew that there was more to go. But this made 2 places dealing with island...
  • Akima decided to be a mercenary for now. Whoever would bid mana on her would win the bid. Due to this, she stashed her emotions and set up a booth in the harbor area.

    This, in turn, made the locals hire her, intent on their agenda. But it worked.
    Was there more, however?
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    Akima was brought to one of the wealthy elites. Examining her, the people there decided that Akima was potentially unworthy of support, however, since she was a soldier, she could work to improve security around the community.

    At least it was an opportunity, even if forces wouldn't emerge, but there seemed to be very little interest in her real abilities.

    New Goal:

    Achieve 3 more pages of roleplaying consisting of others mainly.
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    With the dawn of enough islands for the people, Akima finally gained the manna to cause the first land transformation to emerge. With a limited scope on atmospherics, things were going to become a bit more dangerous now, making her enemies really consider their options carefully. Better yet, now she could use swamp manna for creating things, so it was good.
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    Akima designed the first makeshift masks, based on her aviator status. Once she made them, she began selling them to the people there. Would it attract some attention?

    She knew the first mask would be initially quite popular, then the people would become quite desperate for the 2nd respirator once she gained enough swamps...
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    She noticed it, the carrier she was to be assigned to. Examining it, everybody inside was dead, and the carrier was in a horrible state of disrepair. Breathing from her new respirator, she sighed at the situation, and the lack of atmosphere in this place. It would take a huge amount of effort just to make it usable again, let alone flying.

    But at least it was something, the facility she was going to be assigned to.
    But would anybody care? That was the real question.

    I need a {3}{b}{b} enemy creature to continue.
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    Akima knew that this creature was powerful, but she had just what it took to at least defend herself from this creature.


    Realizing that people were also using these lands for their own purposes, she realized she had an opportunity in this despicable set of lands. She was the only one potentially capable of making modern vehicles, although others would potentially use riding beasts, so she could really benefit from the situation.

    The grinner, thus, was just a scavenger in this place, so she surmised. Later, she would not only deal with it, but other more dangerous creatures as well. It was quite doable. Fortunately, the grinner was tapped, harvesting the extra blue manna.


    Max Lands Per Post

    1/3 island(tap)
    1 island/forest
    1 swamp/island
    2 island
    1 forest
    1 swamp

    Remember you can have your own plot with these lands...

    Next Goal

    Achieve a small army of creatures.
    Defend versus the other people out there.
    Reach page 3 with other players mainly active.
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    With this, she could easily create an army of undead forces. Cheap, easy, although weak, they would be the first contingent of Akima's forces.

    She needed to find resources, not lands, and these undead would grant that, securing her mana supply.

    Players may now begin with 3 non-legend lands of their choice, but can only spend based on lands I give permission for, instead of my lands
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    I need players protecting/expanding their lands until page 3 to continue...

    Next Result: Keep in mind, I have a hazmat fad. In this case, the oxygen counter situation reflects the first condition for high-flying aircraft. Think 'altitude sickness' - but you can easily create some machines and undead creatures to be fully immune to oxygen counters in every form.
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    Taking the old skeletons, she began training them already. The end result was quite significant, skeleton warriors, though they were not soldiers. At least they would do..
  • bump... there's a good card I made, if this gets active - dark assasin!
  • For the record, I'm going to introduce modes and styles as a mechanic, with the oxygen counters severely affecting the environment. But there's no worry of such for quite a while now...
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