Alternate color pie

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i was reading this yesterday. It is a suggested alternative color pie with colors not in magic. (Purple, Yellow Brown, Orange an Pink)


What's interesting is that even tough Pink seems to be the most vague philosophy; they are built around modern, more advanced philosphies

Yellow is individualist libertarianism
Orange is pessimistic realism
Purple is idealism (transhumanism maybe)
Brown ressembles marxist materialism
Pink is something like utilitarianism but still find it vague.

One or two of the colors fail to be represented as enemies or allies the way they are arranged. Pink and orange, for example, are not enemies at all.

I wonder how would this color pie translate mechanically.

I think this color would translate in long game strategies, sacrifice outlets, ramp and other things that support big finishers. That would make it similar to green and black. (I will put all my eggs in one basket, the best, biggest basket)

Realism could translate into what white is now, putting ceiling rules that avoid colors from going out of control. Orange never gets out of control anyways. (If I'm not having fun, neither are you, we are solving this fight the traditional boring way)

This color was actually suggested as an idea that never took off within Wizards, originaly it was the diametrical opposite of green, but this makes a lot more sense, what "rule bending" means might approach to blue, however, there should be some space for more explosive outcomes, more like what Izzet is today. (Wait for the perfect opportunity and combo off)

Materialism could very obviously be translated to artifact synergy, but it also could mean efficiency and replication, wide benefit and collective effort. (Go-wide, make the machinery work as a whole)

Utilitarianism is about maximizing collective benefit. Much like white, all your creatures are important, and even the meek can become important (Go-wide, improve each piece of your army)

Obviously, this is only y interpretation. had you seen this before?


  • I haven't seen it like this before!
  • Very interesting! Under these definition, I think of pink as 'white but it's inspired by recreational substances'


    So I mocked this up. There is no symbol for purple because I couldn't find clipart for the mtg original, and I didn't make my own because I draw like a chicken. I will replace it if someone does either of those things.
    I will make mockup two-drops for all of these, because this just sounds extremely intriguing.
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    Unusually, Purple here is similar to the opposite of the original purple.
    For reference, the real cards: (All four of them)
  • @KorandAngels

    Actually, I don't think so.

    Blue and Black does not really resonate in my head with "*cynical voice* you can't change the system", and capitalism isn't the literal spawn of satan. Just as so, I think Brown has a bit of a sinister edge white and blue don't get across.
    Also purple seems to have a dreams and mind vibe, making it more blue than red or green, as is even speculated to be, if combined with blue, the colour of science.

    So yeah, I don't really agree with you.

    However, we are together on purple. It did a flip X).
    I think I prefer the newer purple though.
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    (Brown and orange don't really fit, but to me Yellow seems to mean Selfish.
    My whole thing isn't the best representation anyway)
    The purple here is freedom and stuff.
  • @KorandAngels

    1. Yellow is individualism, definitely not the same thing
    2. Yes, purple is freedom, but in more of a creative way
  • @korandangels (I had never seen those cards before, omg)

    The original post (link in the first paragraph) has a references to real-world philosophers whose ideas align with the suggested colors, of course, I don't expect you to read a 25+ books long bibliography to understand. But yeah.

    Yellow shares a lot with anarcho-capitalists for obvious reasons, not necessarily selfishness but it does have a lot of what black has today. Purple is a lot about what it CAN be, even if it is technichally impossible, as opposed to Orange wich thinks the impossible as pointless and a waste of time and Brown wich thinks the most important part of the world are the physical needs and means of production.

    Orange is the one I resonate the most with, and Pink is the one I can't fully put in a box.
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    Holy crap I did this a while back myself.

    I mean, my philosophies are different, and I never did a project involving them (considered it for a 2020 set, though), but I did an alternate color pie myself.
  • This was where I got in that endeavor. There were only like 15 card made, most of them were "colorshifts" to establish how iconic cards fit into the new color pie.
  • Alright, I did some quick digging through my dropped set stuff and found my identity references. Like I said, older stuff, but it pertains to the topic at hand and I still poke fun at this old project to this day. Honestly, I'd like to try getting it back on its feet one day, but I've got other, more developed things I'm pushing toward.

  • I wish we had options of custom card frame URL and custom mana symbol URL, just like custom set icon URL in card maker page.
  • @arceus8523 the Birds of Paradise colorshift looks like something that should exist that green was never supposed to have.

    Realized the blog entry is very old (2012), why did nobody talk about this?
  • @tomigon well... they kinda did.
  • @Pepperoni
    Hence why Birds fits in Pink so well. I can say that as 2019 progressed, I got more and more interested in the color pie and what it can and cannot do.
  • So, let's think what color combinations (Guilds) would mean.

    Purple-Pink Could be about achieving society's potential, ambition in community, massiveness, large projects, you get the idea.

    Pink-Brown Are about collectiveness, this is as close as socialism as it gets.

    Brown-Orange would be about pragmatism, only results matter, don't lose your head in stupid ideas, make things work, (Technocracy?)

    Orange-Yellow would be about predictability, progressions are bound by rules that can be calculated, it can all be solved in an optimal, ordered and balanced way, statistics, math. (I do feel Yellow and Orange are a bit enemies tho :7)

    Yellow-Purple sounds like the drive for Innovation, the greatest profit always comes from redesigning processes and thinking in the future.

    Purple-Orange is what it can be vs. what could be, limits vs possibilities, middle ground: ?

    Yellow-Brown is about Ordered structure vs. Self-interest as a guide for efficiency. Middle ground: Division of labor occurs eventually.

    Orange-Pink. Again, I don't think Orange and pink are enemies :7

    Brown-Purple. Is about Material Wealth vs Spiritual or intellectual wealth, Middle ground: Great discoveries are created with both

    Pink-Yellow. This one Is Easy, individualism vs Compassion. Middle Ground: creating profitable projects by incorporating those in need.
  • @Pepperoni

    1. I think orange-pink is akin to pessimism vs. optimism = make plans but make sure they are realistic???

    2. This colour pie seems hell of a lot more political than the last one
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    Also, I propose YONIP as the acronym

  • @HeroKP
    R is already taken by Red. It doesn't entirely matter if we're saying WUBRG doesn't exist, but if you include it, that leaves brown's code symbol overlapping
  • Shards + Wedges, anybody?
  • HA! I love the humor about this mana page taking off!
  • So, can someone get me the dimensions of the regular mana cost symbols?
  • I'm just messing around, they are way more political indeed, as I said, these correspond to modern ideas in modern days. WUBRG color pie is about older, more fundamental pillars of philosophy.
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    @HeroKP @Pepperoni @KorandAngels
    So, just asking, do you guys think yellow is fleshed out enough to come up with a proper cardbase?
  • @KorandAngels
    I swear to God don't even start with that, that is too much stress
  • Not fleshed out or anything, just names and combos. I could do it. As for yellow, I believe that it's fine.
  • @KorandAngels
    Great! Because I started making a symbol for it

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    I also found this

    I think it provides a more suitable color pie, as the colors seem to properly correspond to the original colors

    Purple: Fear (Corresponds with White)

    Yellow: Boredom (Corresponds with Blue)

    Orange: Patience (Corresponds with Black)

    Brown: Intuition (Corresponds with Green)

    Pink: Compassion (Corresponds with Red)

    I think that these represent a more primal take on WUBRG, downsizing to more simple human natures (Innate fear of being out of control, the thrill of the hunt, etc...), I think instead we should focus more towards this take, as it seems to be more in the spirit of WUBRG than the color pie @Pepperoni put up
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