Land Conquest RPG

edited December 2019 in Sagas
The laws are simple, realistic cards, and only spend the manna you presently have accessible.
I cannot play, only award land points, and you can spend these ways, beginning with 5 points:

1 - basic land
2 - normal land
3 - artifact land
triple - legendary land
10 - old 'advanced land'
??? - unlock an advanced mana.

Only use specials that are unlocked with advanced mana, and the one the company are using in the first place.
Legendary lands also award the right to make one non-land legendary card for each one.
You also get 1 free legendary Planeswalker.

What's advanced mana?

You may think new mana symbols are complicated, but they are not.
All you need is a theme for them, and your good to go, choosing the abilities for them.
Now, in this rpg, advanced mana is formed based on taking 2 or more lands, and I will say the costs in order to unlock those advanced forms of mana. Further, I will also dictate the specials they have.
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