Creature Planeswalkers

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So, do you know Gideon Jura?
Of course you do, but, do you know what his signature mechanic is?
Well, in case you didnt, now you know.

So, that's the shtick of this contest; create planeswalkers that turn themselves into creatures.
Or, you can also make other cards that turn planeswalkers into creatures or somehow result in creature planeswalkers.

Here's an example of 2 planeswalkers I made that do this:
And here's an example of a non planeswalker card that can result in a creature planeswalker:
(sorry that it's kinda bulky, didnt know how to summarise the flavour text I wanted for it)

Of course the first option is the focus, but the second option is perfectly acceptable.

The Rules:
1) A max of 6 entries, do with them as you like.
2) The overall design of the card will be considered when judging them, this includes balance, how the text fits into the frame, the image used and how it relates to the card, etc.
3) The use of art not used in official cards is apreciated but not nessesary, and gramatical errors are not a problem unless there are major ones or too many of them.
4) Any cards uploaded before the deadline will be accepted, including older ones.
5) The deadline is the end of december.

The Prices:
1st Place - 5 favorites of their choice, a follow, and two honorable mentions of their choice.
2nd Place - 5 favorites of their choice, and an honorable mention of their choice.
3nd Place - 3 favorites of their choice and an honorable mention of their choice.
Honorable mentions - 1 Favorite of their choice.

In addition each entry made in MTGcardsmith will get a favorite from me, I'll choose an honorable mention of my choice, and all 3 winners will get a Trophy! And their names mentioned in the Hall Of Fame!



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