The Legendary Brawl (Enter Now!)

Welcome fellow cardsmiths, to the Legendary Brawl! here you can enter your champions for a chance of fame and glory.
Every month on the first day of the month there will be a challenge issued, at the end of that month the fight will begin, slowly but surely one contestant will rise to the top, and will be named The Champion!

1: Up to 3 entries per challenge.
2: Old cards are aloud
3: You cannot enter the same card twice.
4: Only Legendary Creatures are acceptable.
5: No MTG artwork.
6: Have fun, and may the best card win!

The Champion of each months competition receives 5 favorites of their choice, and a follow.
Most balanced card gets 3 favorites of their choice.
Most creative card gets 3 favorites of their choice.

I will announce each challenge at the beginning of each month, judging will begin on the 26th of each month

At the end of the year I will mention the 12 champions of the year in the hall of fame.


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