COLONISERS: Season 5!!! (Colonisers of Mystik)

On your horizon, you see a cloud of purple and pink. You follow it. It seems to be flying faster than the other clouds, but just fast enough for you to catch up. When you finally do, a hooded figure materialises in front of you. "It is time", he says.

Guess who's back, back again, it's the Hero of the Capes! He has returned to take another batch of young factions to his magical bubble called the Kala-Niza, where planeswalking is a much easier feat, and a small battalion of trained sorcerers are enough to bring a whole empire onto another world...

If you still have no idea what the hell I just said, you will probably get it as you go along, but you are welcome to check out the threads of the first four seasons for extra context:

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4:

The challenge is to make cards for an empire that will come through the fragile Blind Eternities of the sector to colonize the plane of Mystik, a curious land filled with islands and mysteries. This time around, you will never know just what is lurking on the next island. Your empire needs:

1. A legendary creature to represent the ruler of the empire, or the one responsible for colonisation.

2. A creature to represent the army. It could be a famous general or soldier, or it could represent a run-of-the-mill private straight from the front line, whatever you think would work better.

3. A card of any type to represent how the empire handles magic. A wizard, or a magic potion, or anything really.

4. A method of transportation! You can't cruise the seas with sheer willpower, so I need you to show me what your empire will be using to waddle around.

5. And if you think of anything else, we allow up to 5 bonus cards!

Wait, did I just say we? That's right, I am joined in judging this contest with our very own @EnvyReaper!!!

Now, how does this challenge progress? Every once in a while, I will present you with a problem. A native rebellion, an appearance of a new species of beast. You will create cards to counter that problem. An artefact to represent a pact with the natives, or a trap for the beast. I will note down your solution, and think about how that affects events.

Finally, Forced Alliances will NOT be back. We got rid of those for last season and it really seemed to work. We will instead focus this season on natural confrontation.

If this contest magically gets popular and we get to 16 contestants really quickly, I will pick out the ones I like and start the contest immediately. Otherwise, though, you have until the 10th of January to submit your entries, and I will pick 6 to 16 entries I like to participate.

P. S. : 1-3 colours for an empire only! No 4-Colour or Chromatic factions allowed!


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  • First time here, hopefully, my empire will grow as big as the ones from Turmoil.

    The Eldrakken Empire is an empire of elves bonded with dragons. They come to Mystik seeking green lands, as their human neighbours seem to have no respect for the forests of their home plane.

    The Eldrakken Empire is headed by a council of 5, known as the Council of Riders. Rider Ezorael and his dragon companion have came to Mystik as the leader.

    The Eldrakken military contains many talents, from swordsmanship to tracking to animal handling, but the one skill that most soldiers, and numerous civilians, have: Archery.

    Most magics that the Eldrakken weave pertain to either communing with nature, druidic combat, or bonding troops with another creature, usually a dragon or a beast.

    The Eldrakken Empire’s main method of transportation is, perhaps unsurprisingly, dragonback.

    Remember what I said about the leaders? Rider Ezorael came with a dragon companion.

    Oh, and if anyone wants to see my full list of entries:
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    You break wording conventions on several occasions, but you do so in ways that aren't atrocious, but in little convenient changes that could honestly be real, so that gives you points instead of deducting them.
    Don't go too far, and you're as good as in! :D
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    Feathers fly,
    The pink mist clears to show talon-prints.
    Further on, is a demon's corpse covered in beak and claw-marks.
    Much further through the mist, it clears to reveal a lush rainforest, with huge flocks of flying creatures above it.
    Soon this plane will become

    The Paradise of Birds.

    Kiwur is a Kiwi, who happens to have most of the authority. Not all of it, since his leadership is unofficial, but most birds follow him.
    Anything related to birds has a place in the Paradise, and even though these particular birds are not descended from dinosaurs, there are still dinosaurs here. Especially feathered ones.
    As I said, various kinds of bird-like creatures live in the paradise. Cockatrices are the nation's wizards due to their inherently arcane nature.
    Birds can normally fly, so this is for the several that can't. It happens to give them improved sight along the way.
    2 bonus cards are in this set, along with all the other cards.
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    @KorandAngels Did you know there are five birds in the game that cannot fly and an additional four sliver-bordered ones?
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    The citizens of Exile itself have come. In Exile, you find all kinds of monsters, people, magic, technology, Gods, and so much more that have been lost to eternity. May I (re)introduce Gareth and the Lost.

    Transport (Intraplanar):
    Bonus #1:
    Bonus #2:
    Bonus #3:
    Bonus #4:
    Bonus #5:

    As of right now, this is not an entry but it explains what "Recuperation" and "Revitalize N" are.
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  • I’m planning on rejoining I’ll post my faction soon.
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    Yay! I remember being really excited to see this faction.

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    Nice! :D
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    I'm coming, I'm coming, wait for me...

    Are we allowed to bring planeswalkers with us?
  • @spookoops No, sorry, only with special permission on special challenges.

    But we are eager to see you! :D
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    Zealots of Ekisha


    Starr Ekisha was a court mage of a Kingdom on the brink of collapse. He is quite adept at divination, and peered into the future, some might say too far. What Starr foresaw was of great turmoil and devastation. He had brought this foresight to his lord, but was quickly dismissed. He had routinely done everything he could to get his lords to comprehend what he had seen, while slowly watching his visions come to life. After time and time again of being ignored, Starr Ekisha went to the streets and started evangelizing his visions. After a short period of time he had gathered a small following, and the attention his superiors. Starr was eventually driven underground, all the while his zealots kept growing.

    The time has come, Starr's doomsday visions were nigh, it is time for him and his zealots to find a new land to call home...

    image image

    The Zealots are not many, but they are accomplished. Not only do they represent his forces of might, but all are magically adept. All work in some from of factions, from defenses, to subterfuge, and even transportation...


    Many of Starrs zealots know he can perceive the future, but far more little know that he also has the ability to control the outcome. This anomaly is what originally had started his ascension to faction leader and his desire to escape what is to come...
  • Aight, everyone, @Daedalus_The_All_Father has asked me to tell you that his last card is a DEFINITION CARD, to explain the abilities
  • "Is this thing on?, hopefully this worked.....Who am I kidding I made it of course it works!"

    "This is Syr Meadra Caliso Head of the APA Institute, Knighted Inventor, and The Council's lead researcher into extraplanetary travel, we received these coordinates from a strange caped man and are preparing to begin our seventh extraplanetary crusade into the land of Mystik!"

    Allow me to introduce The Endorsan Sovereignty, from the plane of Yxe. The people of the sovereignty are an incredibly technologically advanced society. Almost 100 years ago they discovered a way to traverse the planes and ever since have been launching (Mostly unsuccessful) crusades in an attempt to discover new knowledge. Leading the 7th crusade across the Mystik is the one and only Syr Tybalt.


    The sovereignty's army is almost entirely constructs invented for battle the most recent development for the armies are the surge guards, robots made to guard aether supplies from getting destroyed (Which may or may not have been why crusades 5 and 6 failed)



    The sovereignty has no access to normal magic. For an unknown reason only about 5% of the population can even attempt to learn it but most don't succeed, because of this their "Magic" is actually technology based and most mages and wizards are actually just incredibly skilled artificers.


    In true sci-fi fashion the Sovereignty uses a fleet of starships to traverse the skies.


    Extra Cards:




    Endorsan is preparing for the beginning of their 7th and greatest crusade.
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    Here's a new Kiwur with less clumped text.
    Also, two esper factions in a row?
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    I haven't tried my hand at one of these since the first one, so let's try this again!

    For my facton, Skuleayr and his undead pirate crew are coming to Mystik!

    Faction Leader:


    Skuleayr is the captain of the pirate ship Crossbones, and comes to Mystik in search of more exotic seas to sail... and places to plunder.



    Crossbones, also called the Ship of the Dead, is the flagship of a small fleet under Skuleayr's control. On the surface, Crossbones seems like a normal ship, but it's crew seems suspiciously hard to kill...



    Most of the magic used by Skuleayr's crew is ressurection and death magic. Many new recruits to the crew were once enemies who have been risen from the dead after their defeat. Marraro is the head necromancer of Skuleayr's crew, and is one of his most trusted advisers.



    All of the fleet's crew are undead, usually skeletons but also some zombies.
  • Automated emergency distress signal.
    Distress issued by "Yolakanishku"

    Kithidrantil is undergoing a critical event.

    Event identity #32: Unidentified alien invasion
    Event identity name input: "Scourge Reborn"

    Requesting assistance.
  • Signals, magic
    Found: 1 message, 1 distress signal.
    Message: Unknown sender
    Distress signal: Unknown

    Multiple spikes of magical energy

    No transporters

    No sign of the king

    "Arma, we're clear."


    Ammo: 124,765
    Rations: 3581
    30 brigades

    "We're going to need to set down here."
    "We can't."
    "Why not?"

    "I see now."

    "All men, we are setting down in five hours. There will be hostiles all over. No major cities yet."
  • @Korandangels there were two Bant factions in a row.
  • I call Grixis...
  • Do I need to use all new cards?
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    No, not at all! :D
    From what I've heard, a lot of people pre-make their factions for this anyway.
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    Bonus card 3:
    Since you got rid of forced alliances (Wish you hadn't), I need something to deliver messages to my future allies.
    Seriously, I'm not very happy that you got rid of the forced alliances. I was looking forwards to seeing them.
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    and hmm, so many people are using blue, so I'm not sure if I should use it
    I have something in mind tho
  • @KorandAngels

    1. Well, we thought we would make the season more confrontational. It's always more engaging to see people interact of their own volition.

    2. I really like Paradise Messenger, but the M in the title should be a capital.
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