Creature Keywords on Non-Creatures

I‘ve been thinking about interesting areas that cards could be in that Wizards hasn’t explored enough. I’ve always enjoyed —
and •Lands

with creature keywords (for example, lifelink or deathtouch). So I decided I should make a contest so you all, (who sometimes I have more faith in than Wizards to properly use mechanics), can make cards. I don’t have a definite end point, but at some point It’ll end with notice, with this prize table:
•All entries that I like get a favorite. (applies to top 3)
•3rd Place: 4 favorites of my choice, and a follow.
•2nd Place: 4 favorites of your choice, and a follow.
•1st Place: 7 favorites of your choice, and a follow on your account. You may also have me favorite an account of one of your friends.


  • Also, side things: It can also be stuff like Pestilent Spirit where it’s a creature that gives the spells the keywords. You may also use custom keywords.
  • How about Planeswalkers with those abilities?
  • I’m liking it! I’d say I’ll accept old cards from within a month or two.
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    This is a card which grants planeswalkers those abilities... but they are noncreature. So:
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    Entry #2, this one can get 2 green mana when it's on a creature (from tapping both). fun contest idea @ThatOneCat ! really made me think about the mechanics

  • Great entries so far!
  • There will be a CS version coming soon, as soon as I figure out how to finish my Spellcharged cycle.
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    I like it! One thing: Shouldn’t it be “~ deals 5 damage to target creature”?
  • Oh heck. You're right. That's my most common mistake when making noncreature spells.
  • When does this end? I’d like to enter if I have time.
  • I’d say in a month, but I’d like this to gain some traction first,
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    The idea for this card is that the "vigilance" only allows each land to add mana once, while still leaving them untapped. So you would still need four lands to cast it. Wording suggestions appreciated...
  • @Bremtreaty The concept behind a mechanic is that it has has to have the same wording whenever and wherever it appears (or almost the same in a more un-style build. See Super-Duper Death Ray). If you're having to change the wording of a mechanic in any way, it's basically a new mechanic.

    I get that you've tried to mirror the concepts behind the mechanic, but as you've effectively invented two new mechanics then I doubt this fits for the contest.
  • I can't be certain whether this really fits with the heart of the challenge because it becomes a creature, but it's something:

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    I like it!
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    My entry. I really like the idea of this challenge, and I think I came up with something unique!
  • @MemoryHead True... I wasn't sure about the card anyway. Here's another stab at the challenge:

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  • bumping these un-judged contests (while I'm stuck home and bored :D )
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    A land designed to be animated.
  • How do you make level up cards on mtgcardsmith
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    Hi! Unfortunately you can't make level up cards on MTGCardsmith :/ I suggest using Magic Set Editor, or asking if it's ok to post a mock-up version ^^

    P.S: Also, the contest is almost four months-old, it might be abandoned I'm afraid.
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    @KingWatherton You can't, or at least there isn't a formatting setup that's deliberately designed for it. You've got to do a lot of work with carefully placed hyphens and other symbols to artificially replicate what a real level up text box looks like.

    Just to warn you, it takes a long time to do and it can be a pain to get looking just right. If you've ever tried making adventure cards on the site, think of it like that but slower and more complex.
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