Merciless Rage: Trying to improve the deck. Help wanted

Merciless Rage: Commander 2019
Really good deck, only ever lost twice, but I feel I can do better. If anyone has any ideas please comment below.

I have chosen Chainer, Nightmare Adept as my commander (in my opinion he places the best)
With this commander I kinda sit back and slowly build an army while using his first ability to get creatures back from my graveyard while fueling the madness ability at the same time.
I have found that there are several cards that just don't really play well with this commander...
every time I get this card, I have no black cards in my hand... which makes this card absolutely useless.
Just the fact that this has to attack each combat makes it useless because it draws attention to me. (which is the opposite of what I want)
I rarely ever attack with this guy to begin with, and every time I do I exile a card that is to expensive to cast, and it is always the card I need... super unhelpful
decent, but not really that helpful.
This once again just draws attention to me.
from my experience, every time this is attached to a creature that creatures controller does everything in their power to kill this cards controller. not what I want
This card isn't helpful because i never have enough cards in my hand...

the decklist and ideas from a expert are here...

if you can help me replace the cards linked above with cards that play better with Chainer, Nightmare Adept, I would be very grateful.


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