I've been staying up late and drinking green tea again, so here's another fever dream of a set idea

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Viyona was a tranquil continent on a tranquil plane. For millennia, evolution and magic were hard at work on creating the most weird and wonderful creatures the multiverse has to offer (well maybe except Lorwyn, #TakeUsBackToLorwynYouCowards ).


However, everything changed when the fire nation attacked strange people from a strange continent beyond came there.


They were elves, humans, orcs, dwarves and whatnot, any race went. They saw themselves as peaceful explorers. The soul of Viyona saw them as a conquering blight. And so what used to be peaceful creatures


Went to war.


But inside there, there is still a world just trying to survive.


The way I imagine this would work is that Viyona is based Temur and the invaders Mardu.

Would anyone like to embark on this project with me?


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    I would like to help.
  • Sure, but my input may be rare.
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  • So how about 310 cards,

    50 for each colour
    30 2-colour
    20 3-colour
    10 artifacts
  • @HeroKP How does Green tea affect your dreaming?
  • @EnvyReaper

    Green Tea helps me sleep by making me delightfully loopy (hence why I drink it), but I am also a person that tends to get rushes of inspiration before going to sleep, so....
  • I only come back here occasionally, but I'd love to help!
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    Thoughts on this (not as a card in the set):

  • @ThatOneCat How psychedelic!
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    @Bowler218 @Arceus8523 @tookie1 @Lujikul @kandra127

    So I'm thinking we get an untraditional take on this set. We design it with limited in mind, and give it A LOT of fixing, in such a way that would make THREE-COLOUR ARCHETYPES dominant over the traditional two mana ones. But so that no one gets bored, we have those archetypes be... different, than usual.

    1. WUB:
    Fate matters. Starting off with a good one, are we? We're talking scry, tutors, library control all up in this piece! Might even bring back fateseal on a few cards, if we are very, VERY careful.

    2. WUR:
    Exile matters. We exile things, we unexile things, we get exile payoffs, good stuff.

    3. WUG:
    Creature improvement matters. Auras, pump spells, some equipment maybe, anthems, +1/+1 counters, the creatures grow!

    4. WBR:
    Scout tribal. Thematically, this is the invaders, and though they are of different race, most of them are SCOUTS! So scout payoffs all the way. And as flavourful as that would be, I don't think we should bring explore back, because the colour pie would become angery.

    5. WBG:
    RAMP! RAMP! RAMP! This is common in Naya, but I think this time Abzan should be the faction for making that mana, and imagine the huge creatures that can be dumped into!

    6. WRG:
    Token matters. Tok-kens! Instead of the usual tall strategy of Naya, this time we will apply that brute force with a WIDE strategy!

    7. UBR:
    We've seen Esper skies. We've seen Jeskai skies. But how about GRIXIS SKIES? Flying matters. Get a big crowd in the air, then swing that airborne hammer! Some ideas about black insects that get flying when they transform (yes, I am considering bringing back double-facement).

    8. UBG:
    We've seen skies, but how about SLINKS? That's right, GENERAL EVASION MATTERS! There's skulk, and unblockable, and can't be blocked by creatures with little power, and menace, there's things to be done!

    9. URG:
    Viyona forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most hogwild archetype, and I plan to make it Gimmick Matters. Essentially a skeleton with good supports all around the curve, and then a few rares with GIMMICKS! Probably some alternate win conditions.

    10. BRG:
    Control? Okay, so hear me out. So Dimir, classical mono-control deck, right? Simic, classic pump control deck, right? Izzet, classic tempo control deck, right? Well, as much as I love blue, what would happen if we TOOK IT OUT, and then just took the support for control, and made a control deck out of that? Would the podless pod philosophy work here?
  • If we wanna do this, and focus harder on draft and limited, our top priority after settling on themes is signpost uncommons.
  • i’ll help develop esper
  • also, this should be a fro or three part set
  • @Lujikul @ThatOneCat

    I agree with all of this! I already started doing the signpost uncommons with Naya
  • I'd advise picking five two-color combos rather than doing all ten. It helps focus the set and prevents their from being too many three-color cards stranded in a limited pool that someone just can't play because they're too hard to cast.
  • @Arceus8523

    The reason I want to do it like this is because 2-colour limited archetypes are exactly what I want to avoid. And the reason there is so many is so that way, you don't have to stick to them exactly. Every three-colour archetype has an idea, but you can funnel from other archetypes to expand that idea, making the tricolority justifiable. Also this will have a LOT of fixing.
    But I do get your point. We must be cautious.
  • @HeroKP

    Okay, I'm just going to draft 5-color good stuff all the time if the fixing is that good.
  • @Arceus8523

    It would be a valid strategy, yes. Again, not intended for a standard or modern legality set
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    No, don't get me wrong, I totally think this could be designed to be a standard legal set, I'm just saying there comes a point where a draft set stops being "draft archetypes" and starts being "draft the best card"
  • @Arceus8523

    But I am saying I don't want this to be standard legal. I want this to be a goofy not-un-set-but-not-taking-itself-way-too-seriously set. And yeah, 'draft the best card' could be a possibility, but a cohesive identity would greatly benefit you, because we plan for quite a bit of synergy. The draft process would essentially be:

    Step 1. Take fixing until you find rare you like
    Step 2. Take rare you like
    Step 3. Take support for rare
    Step 4. ???
    Step 5. Profit

    As someone who has made sets in the past, how do you think we could accomplish that?
  • Well, if you have no care as to what the limited format is like other than that it's fun, all you have to do is break all the rules of set design and have a good time (no sarcasm, I mean that in a good way).
  • @Arceus8523

    Great! I'll start working on the signpost uncommons! :D
  • I'll help. Are you doing 2- or 3-color signposts?
  • @Arceus8523 3-colour. We already have Naya.
  • Alright I'll do Temur
  • I'm a funguy
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