The Expanse; or What Happens when you Planes-walk to the Wrong Places (RPG)

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This is an RPG saga where you (The player characters) are exploring an Eldritch location known as the Expanse, a layer between the world of the living and the dead that contains all matters of unknown creatures and locations.

This takes place in Ravnica, so all of the player characters are from Ravnica as well.

Main Character(s):

+Biren Torendal

Planeswalker: His spark ignited when Nicol Bolas invaded the plane, when he came back he learned that his family was dead.

Jace specifically came to him and advised him to find his calling and not to dwell on his family too much, Biren took the former to heart, but not the latter, and years later, after becoming an alchemist and experimenting on his spark, he had finally done it! Or so he thought, for when he attempted to planes-walk to the realm of the dead in order to bring back his family, he instead ended up in the Expanse, while he was hoping that he could come and bring his family back to the realm of the living, he instead had to abandon this task when an unknown creature attacked him, forcing him to retreat back into Ravnica.

After that, he realized that this is his calling, and decided that in order to explore this weird realm, he has to recruit a team of explorers (you) to assist him.

+Jace Beleren

Planeswalker: You know who this is

Might be accompanying you on your journey

Warning: Things can be extremely dangerous, your characters might have a tendency to die, so there will be no specific due date for characters.


This is purely an RPG, it is simply using the setting, so you don't have to create an entire card for your character, a backstory and simple traits would be just fine. You do also have the option to create a card, but you have been warned.

Additionally, you can use the Guildsmaster's Guide to Ravnica DnD rulebook to build a character sheet, I will take this too.

Biren must be kept alive, as he is your only way of leaving and entering the Expanse.


MTG Backrooms RPG, 'nuff said.

Oh yeah!

When you create a character, in addition to doing all of that, roll their stats using the DnD 5e system of creating a character, you can also create a full character sheet and email it to me.


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