Gate-Watch Recruits: Signature Spellbook (Enter now!)

We all know about the gate-watch (Jace, Liliana, Chandra, Gideon, Ajani, Teferi, Nissa, Kaya, etc...)
Each one of them has their own unique backstory, and oath.
 For this challenge I want to see a new(nonMTG) planeswalker, and their oath, along with 2-6 other cards that have synergy with your planeswalker.
1: Up to three signature spellbooks per person. (A signature spellbook is a 4-8 card package that includes a planeswalker and their oath.)
2: Old cards are allowed.
3: Your oath must be a legendary enchantment.
4: Each spellbook can be up to 2 colors.
5: No MTG artwork.
6: You are allowed to make a funny/unglued spellbook, but only one per person if desired.
7: Please credit artists. Cards without artist credit will always lose a tie.
8: Have fun! :smile: I look forwards to seeing a new generation of the Gate-Watch.

Prizes Top 5 spellbooks each get 4 favorites of their choice and a follow. Deadline For Entries: April 1st 2020.


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