Cardsmith Ratings

I've always wondered just how good some cardsmiths are at making cards compared to others. Of course popularity plays a part in the votes, but overall I think this is a full package deal - Cardsmiths receive votes on cards due to how many people see the card + how many people like how it is made. I've always wondered whose the better cardsmith. Ultimately, I'd only like to know comparatively a numerical difference in skill level - a concrete rating. Not trying to start a turf war here, but this is just interesting to me.

The only way to find out would be to do a series of 1-vs-1 battles under a controlled setting: giving the same challenge to two different people. The Cardsmith who earned the most votes on their card gets the win, and occasionally enough votes over their opponent that it could be considered a blowout victory. Using an algorithm, this determines the players new cardsmith rating. The only flaw to this algorithm is that it is relative to population. Based on the rating of the cardsmith you defeat and by how many votes will determine your new rating, or who you lose to and by how many votes you lose by. I've kept track of scores on the Mystery Box website, and you can find your rating here. All you need to do is participate in Mystery Box Challenges. 

As a side note, when we don't have an even number of cardsmiths in a Mystery Box batch, I'll participate.


  • I noticed you started doing that. It made me get serious about the cards that I was making for you! XD
  • I had done a bit of work with you before.  I don't remember where it was, nor when.  Just that I had.  I am not interested to see what you stumped me with, so...  Start again?
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