MTG Legendaries Get Their Spark!

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Ever wondered what it would be like if a specific legendary creature got to be a planeswalker instead? Well that's exactly what this discussion forum is for!!! There are only 2 rules in this forum, those being Comment on the previous post, then Post UP TO 2 PLANESWALKER CARDS THAT ORIGINATED FIRST AS LEGENDARY CREATURES, and no spamming/harassing.

I'll start first. 

  Drana Chosen by Zendikar


  • @Liwg I love this contest idea, not gonna lie! For Drana, since she's a 5 drop mythic, I think her -2 can be a little more substantial. I'd definitely recommend making it a -2/-2. Her ult is okay, it's not fantastic, but then again, that's another reason you can bump her -2 up in power! Here's two I just made (I randomly searched mtg cards and tried to find legendaries that weren't dead (?) so they might be a little more obscure!) imageimage Originals: imageimage Cheers!
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    Glad I was scrolling through the forums, this looks interesting. @RohanDragoon Your Diochan seems rather interesting, but by the time you activate her ultimate, I don't think it would usually do any more than 7 damage, so it could probably be a -6 or 7, otherwise I find it cool. I really love your Nemata, it seems to keep the same flavor as the original, and it seems well balanced.

    Here are my Planeswalkers:

    (Sorry they're huge, I don't know how to make them smaller.)


  • I really like Riku, Mirror Mage. Even without his final ability, I enjoy how he is a mana dork that can multiply himself.
    Lim Dul is less exciting to me. The emblem doubtlessly has good combo potential but the total package is less appealing to me. (Even with the suggestion that Lim Dul is the Raven Man.)

    For my submissions, first up is Arcanis, who might already be a planeswalker in disguise (much like how Blind Seer was actually Urza)

    Second, I have the bolder of the two: Zur

    While I didn't try to make either broken, I'm not very concerned with how balanced they are and more interested in what people think of the designs.
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