Virus-Themed Card Challange

If you're here from my video, then welcome!  <3
If not, heres a link-

Show me the best ideas you can come up with for custom cards inspired by the Corona-Virus.

The more clever and fantasy-like the better. Please remember that this is intended as polite fun, and to always be civil. Avoid posting cards with photos of real individuals. They should feel like real cards, and be reasonably respectful.
Assumeing this is popular enough, the best submissions will be featured in a follow-up video.


  • Since Germs are 0/0, A Virus should clock in at 1/0


  • Love me some Foegod!
  • @DrStrangeCrow, oh god you included one of Corey's cards in a video. That won't boost his ego... XD

    I wasn't considering making cards themed on the Corona; it felt to me like just too easy faves, what with it in the public conscious. Buuuuuut... I do love throwing my hat into rings, so, I suppose I'm game.
  • @ArchieTaylor Wow! I really like the flavor of Infectious Disease. It heavily punishes going to combat. Both for the creatures and players. It definately implies the feeling of a quarantine.
  • @Ranshi I'm afraid I'm a little knew here, so I hope I didn't awaken some sort of monster...
    The virus is kinda easy, yeah. But suprisingly theres a decent amount of design space if you expand it to plagues in general.
    Excited to see what you come up with! =D

  • These are just a couple virus based cards I made before I found this forum, may as well share them.
  • @Abu_Jafar Well thank you for sharing! I particularly like the spread mechanic. The flavor feels on point, and if this were in a set you could put it on multiple different viruses. Also I really think the design-space of removeing abilities is cool for viruses.
  • Also i must say, very good video quality for a first video. Will you be doing other magic the gathering related videos in the future (besides this)?
  • @Abu_Jafar Thank you! Yep, I plan on doing some more silly Top 10s on individual custom cards and maybe some more serious videos on entire sets/themes others have made. I'd also like to do a few videos for the cube format.
    I am always open to suggestions tho if theres something you'd like to see~
  • @DrStrangeCrow Very nice video. Amazing quality for a first vid. Subed you both on YouTube and Cardsmith. Can't wait to see the next creations.
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