La'ayiv Returns: Story?

Basically this is a thread to dump La'ayii Canon.


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    While I can't claim to know exactly what you're planning for this, I do wonder whether you'd be better off doing this on google docs or something unless you're actively looking for other people's opinions and contributions or whatever. The forum's decent for communicating with others, but a pain for editing (which is probably what matters if you're trying to do your own thing).
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    I know it isn't the best, but 1. I have no other ways whatsoever of publishing a story online and 2. La'ayiv is a character I created as my primary fictional incarnation on Cardsmith. And the reason I can't just wright it down personally is that I need to refer to Urza, and if I try to publish that myself, WotC will sue me for copyright.
  • Ever heard of Wattpad? As long as you don't sell it, your good. There's a bunch of fan fic there, heck, DA has whole hundred chapter long Fanfics on it
  • no I haven't heard of it?
  • Yeah, Wattpad and DeviantArt are pretty good spots for Fanfic/home-stories. But if you go with the latter, be prepared for a lot of furries. Nothing against them, but they are everywhere and some people don't like that.
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