Destiny! A Saga of Legends

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Let's just get to the point. You're in a large, chaotic plane, races strive for control of the central continent, Arkala. You are a newly reborn soldier of Brali, a civilization whose soldiers are reborn stronger and wiser by a supernatural power created by a deity you call The Great Archon. 

Your divine duty in rebirth is to take Arkala for the Brali and The Great Archon, and achieve glory and fulfill your destiny.

(Not much story, huh? You'll find it out if you enter.)

To Enter:

Create a legendary creature with CMC 2 or less. The creature must include either red, blue or white, and has to seem like a good guy.

Create a bit of story for your character.

After you enter, your story will start!


  • Possibly my least moral character entered in a saga:
  • @KorandAngels Once you get some lore, your story will start!
  • I'm playing a game on right now, but will do that soon.
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    Sorby Fluttering Seeker

    When Sorby first appeared on Arkala, they didn't believe it. They believed that it was a form of punishment for things they had done in life. While they currently work with Brali and the Great Archon, they seek to escape from what they perceive to be a dark twist on the afterlife.
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    Mobius has always loved the wilderness, so much so, that he left home at the age of 13 to be one with Nature. Now, years later, he fights on the behalf of her. Ridding the wilds of any would be ne'er-do-well.
  •  Here's story:
    Didjin was a somewhat cowardly bard in the Bralini army. After his long-postponed death in battle, his flaw was punished in his reincarnation: A kobold. Instead of rejoining the army, Didjin started a career as a minstrel, but eventually his musical talent reached magical levels, and the army found his magic useful and re-enlisted him. After service in the military as a spellcaster, he has noticed his past flaws, but has made no efforts to correct them.
    (Here's the card for those who missed it:
  • This is my first saga, so lets see how this goes.

    Adrian was his home city's greatest warrior, although he never truly liked war.
    After being reborn by the Great Archon, he found himself in debt to it, but he hopes when his services are complete, he can return home and build his city into the greatest empire on Arkala.
  • @SpellPiper2213

    Sorby woke up from what seemed like a trance outside of the capital city of Brali by a small creek. They blinked a few times before rising and looking at the spiraling towers and magnificent cityscape that was Saile. They didn't know what it was, but they felt an urge to go to the city. They stumbled up to their feet, and fluttered their wings a few times before picking themself off of the ground and to Saile. As they made their way through the wood, they took in the smell and the sights of the trees and the strange beckoning of the metropolis beyond it.

    After their travel through the forest, they arrived at a guarded gate at the edge of the city. The soldiers stationed at the gate first looked at Sorby strangely and grabbed the handles of their swords, and then, as if seeing something Sorby didn't nodded and let them in. Sorby made his way through the bustling landscape of Saile not stopping to indulge any of the citizens seeming as confused of their existence as they were. Sorby travelled through whatever roads and alleys seemed right until they met eyes with a drunken man. The man stumbled towards them and raised an empty bottle at the creature

    "Ye got a problem wi-with me ya rodent?" He burped out. Sorby was confused of the man's behavior and didn't respond, to which the man pointed the bottle at the dragon threateningly. 

    "Now I think that's enough, sir." Came a deep voice from behind the man, causing him to turn around. As he turned, Sorby was able to spot a man dressed in all white, possible a cleric, coming to his aid. "You leave this poor creature alone." Said the cleric.

    "I won't have pompous cleric telling me what to do." The drunk man said before raising the bottle and throwing it at the cleric. Before the bottle could land a blow, the cleric sweeped it away from him in a flash of light. The man mumbled out an apology before running off down an alleyway.

    "Well than" The cleric said "You must be one of the newly risen, I'm Cheren."

  • Adrith was a bounty hunter for the Bralini forces, and a natural with the bow. He prefers the wilds of the forest to bustling cities. Despite his many attempts, there was one target that always eluded him...
  • @spookoops

    Mobius woke up in an alleyway, not expected. His memory of how he got there was faded, almost nonexistent. He took a minute to stand up and look around, stumbling to his feet. He looked around, and then started at a brisk pace into a main street. Mobius ran through the streets of the grand city, oh how he hated cities.

    "Woah woah buddy, what's the rush?" Called out a rich looking man in between 2 soldiers and a priest. Mobius looked at him slightly stunned as the men walked over to him. "Well, first I should introduce myself" The noble man laughed. "I'm Franic, Lord Franic. I am a man of noble birth, and a lover of this city!." The man said "My friend Pero right here" The man stated, referencing the cleric. "Has told me that you are one of The Great Archon's resurrected soldiers! Welcome to Saile, the capital of Brali." 

    He takes a look at Mobius and nods. "A man of nature I see." Mobius nods back to him. "Well, you better go with Pero here and get yourself suited up for the front lines. Good luck out there, hope to see you around." He gestured to Pero.

    The cleric Pero walked up to Mobius. "Hello there." He said after performing a slight bow. "As you know by know, I'm Pero, Cleric of The Great Archon." He turns and gestures for the scout to follow him. "Before you get sent into the field, you need to get ready for combat, and strengthen your bond with The Great Archon."

    Pero starts walking and Mobius follows him, after a few minutes of walking, they get to a building that looks like a hybrid between a church and a tower. Once inside, Pero explains that he wants Mobius to find a some weaponry and to try and commune with The Great Archon.
  • @spookoops @SpellPiper2213

    Your first challenges are to create an Equipment or Aura card based on the weapon or magics of your choice, that your character will be using in the fight for Arkala.
  • @KorandAngels @Abu_Jafar and @Stryk3r ;

    You three will have story written next and a corresponding challenge to go with it.

    Everyone, challenges will award points, after the first challenge is completed, I will explain how the point system will work.
  • I'm too late to submit?

  • If not, what is the name of the Brali monarch?  I need to know for flavor text purposes...
  • Gloryfinder

    Even though the magical blade almost as big as Sorby, they still managed to pull it along. They're able to use the blade for more-or-less its intended purpose when they're flying and carrying the blade with all four of their feet. It's a bit of a humorous sight, but Sorby makes due to the best of their abilities.
  • @DrakeGladis

    Never too late to start here!

    Also, the leader of the Brali is the legendary Queen Sora. 
  • Renatin was always a gifted child.  In his orphanage he was top of his class because of perfect memory and an unslakable thirst for knowledge.  When he had exhausted the resources of the orphanage, he moved on to the city library, and started to study some of the ancient magical tomes that he found there.  Obviously, he didn't only stick to reading about old theories...
    After a couple run ins with the city guards about explosions just outside the city walls from experimental failures caused by the out-of-date tomes, he came to the attention of the capital.  Amused by this precocious child, he was allowed to come and learn proper magic at the palace.  Once there, he proved himself competent, and upon being 14, apprenticed himself to the secret service.

  • //This work?

  • Mobius is always quick to action, and his custom whip is even quicker...

  • @spookoops @SpellPiper2213

    The two of you are escorted out of building and brought to a fancy looking barracks, feel free to socialize between the two of you, and any other reborn warriors that show up. You will be notified when your first assignments shortly.

    (Both of you have received 3 points, I will keep track of points, there will be certain challenges that require a minimum point value for your character to survive.)
  • @DrakeGladis ;

    I'm writing the story for you and a couple other people, so once I do that, each of you will get one
  • Ugh, sorry guys, I've lost ideas for this, if you want to start doing individual stories I can give information of what I remember. My goal is to start an actual saga eventually and write everything down and keep an actual schedule.

    If you guys want to continue the storied, we can do that, if not I'll close the thread.

  • He's a fun guy to hang out with when he's not bashing the heads of any one he comes across.
  • I would love to continue this story at some point when you have the chance and are more organized.  I think Renatin is my favorite card that I have made in recent history.
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