• "You will never know if the rewards are worth the trouble if you never venture out."

    ..."Yeah, about that, the rings were for a singular purpose, singular use. Creating them took much time and resources. To recreate them, would be a challenge..."

    "Then it would behoove you to hurry with this investigation into our outpost, and see what our researchers have uncovered."
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    "So, you decide to call upon us without giving any significant detail what this meeting was about, and you tell us that we are stuck here with no way back home after we were teleported here?  Fools, the lot of you...  Were it not for the matter at hand I would have made sure you suffered an eternal cold so frigid it would be as though hell froze over.  But if you even think of double crossing me like this again, I will not hesitate to strike."

    "I might as well see what what our friends here have discovered on their quest to "unite the planes" or what not.  Rise, my loyal knight."
  • *narrows eyes* "That was a bit I was not expecting. I'm afraid, you've caught me at a disadvantage if you want me to go exploring. My requisite supplies are- alas -on the other side of the gateway. It would behoove you and your goals to indeed go to the effort of reopening the ring." *Fondles sword*
  • "Look, I don't need much, unlike some people here," Falme stares at the two that had just spoken, "All I need is an order."
  • "We are a society with immense resources, supplies shan't be an issue. As for the rings, we do so greatly apologize, we were honestly unsure if they would even get you here."

    "So if you do so agree to venture on to the outpost, please tell us what you need ,and it shall be yours..."

    For a quick challenge, you may create an artifact, falling within the guidelines. 
  • Which guidelines?
  • 2MP (2cmc max), must fit rarity (no OP-ness)
  • (Y'all probably need to add the [NAME of your character] and post a long response in a message instead of spamming the chat with unnecessary remarks because it's hard to keep track who is currently speaking and which are the OOC ones. Just a suggestion to make things less confusing.)
  • Neige desires an artifact that will allow her to contact her kingdom between the planes.

  • Well this got quiet
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    Sorry, I got busy with life... Looking to buy a new business.

    Anyways, @Aggroman15 @SpellPiper2213 @Bowler218 @DrakeGladis @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos @MonkeyPirate2002, if you are ready to venture the outpost please let me know. I will get onto the next section.

    You can all still submit an artifact if you choose, but that window will close with the next section.
  • @spookoops
    "Fine, a simple knife will do because I forgot to bring one."

    An awkward silence followed.

    "What? It's not like that I could ask for some weird, reality shattering artifact right? Besides it's a multipurpose tool that can be used for many useful things, duh."
  • I can't submit an artifact currently, I don't have the ability to make cards because my laptop is getting repaired. If you want me to just submit the rules and flavor text, I could do that.
  • @DrakeGladis, do what you can for now, but try to get in an actual card when able.
  • @spookoops is it alright if I drop out
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    "All I need is a way to write down what I find so I can report it back to you."
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