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Welcome everybody to Llama Pie Labs! We go by LPL for short though! 
Here at LPL, we enjoy mixing, matching, and combing whatever we want! And guess what?
We're hiring!
LPL wants you to join us! All you have to do is go through a bunch of processes! And if you fail, we bake you into a pie!
Our current CEO, Hybrid Mechana, needs new people to join his business! 

All you have to do is fill out this application form!

Plane of origin:

Does that make sense? Good! Now let's get makin, or you'll be bakin!



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    Name: Mr. Banana, Esq.
    Race: Plant (Banana)
    Abilities: Slight magical aura, leadership.
    Plane of origin: Bablovia
    Colours: White, green and red.
    Backstory: Grew on tree. Picked by old couple and raised as their son. Became owner of small hatchet factory.
  • "Thank you for coming to LPL!"-Tour Guide

  • I will start this once we have 5 participants.

    The tourguide:


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    Name: Piper
    Race: Satyr
    Has magical influence on anything natural, like a normal Satyr.
    Plane of origin:
    Mainly grew up as a nomad, traveling and selling wine and other foods starting at the age of 13, both basic and exotic, thanks to his powers over natural things. Is very talkative, portrays himself as naive but is actually very cunning because of his years in the food business. He is an omnivore, by the way.


  • Omnivore...def not me!
  • Fun fact, I'm reducing it to three participants.

  • The story of Llama Pie Labs:

    Eldraine took over Simic combine.
  • Name: Doofus, Goblin Chef
    Race: Goblin
    Abilities: Great cook. In his words, "CAN MAKE PIE!!!!"
    Plane of origin: The plane of Un-Emroth
    Colors: Red
    Backstory: Born into not good goblin family. Learned talents. Went to cooking school, failed, then decided he didn't need it.

  • @LordTachanka123 I realized you used my Combine Mechanic for Hyrbrid Mechana's reduce ability from your other challenge!
  • No one needs cooking school anyways...
  • Are we allowed to make a card as well?

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    Greetings abnormal food factory! Weself am the Squrturgle Omnipotae, an amorphous Ooze engineered to consume galaxies and devour worlds! Unsplendidly, weself was considered a "massive failure," and now-on wash dishes at Gaith's Fuide's tavern World's End, which sails across the cosmos catering to creatures even stranger than us-us.

    Our protoplasmautic essence is specially specialized to break down even the most stubborn food stains or the most stubborn customer. Weself firstly conclude that our Sultai patrons dissolve the speediest/synergizifies with our jellicle essence the best-best. Weself secondly conclude that while "hope" is an mysterific sensation to us, it is an "emotion" appropriate to express as we apply for a dishwashing position in your mortal industry. 
  • @Abu_Jafar, yes, cards are all good.

    "Greetings strange creature, devourer of worlds! We hope you enjoy the factory!"

    I'll start on the story after my school...

  • Name: Vince Offer
    Race: Human
    Abilities: Cunning, Persuasion, Agility
    Plane of Origin: Eeorth
    Colors: White, Blue
    Backstory: One of the most well known merchants of his home-plane. He is able to con"Vince" almost anyone into doing anything. Despite being blue and white, he sells products and spells of all colors. He thinks he will be an important asset in marketing for LPL.
  • "I'm sure you will Mr Vince!"-Dr. Ana
  • "You're gonna love my nuts." -Vince, Slap Chop Guy.
  • Name: Illustra, Mad Mage
    Race: Llama
    Abilities: Is a wizard llama
    Plane of origin: Bablovia
    Colors: Blue (mainly)
    Backstory: Born smarter than her peers, Illustra knew that she could do magic, mainly in the branch of divination, scrying, conjuring illusions, etc. But still she needed to hone her skills so one day she decided to go to a famous wizarding school in the country. Then after finished the school she just decided to wander the plane, until one day dan accident with a portal device (that was totally not sabotaged by an agent of S.N.E.A.K.) threw her in the place of Llama Pie Labs...  or whatever it is, causing her to lost her mind, or probably just a little bit if it. 
  • Part 1:

    The Doctor takes you through a series of pathways, and then into a room labeled "materials". The room is split into two, separated by a plate of glass. The Doctor takes you onto the side opposite of the one you first entered. 
    As you walk inside, she tells you "In here we collect our materials, and today we're collecting cadavers!"
    All of a sudden she poofs away, appearing into the room you entered. Then, a group of at least 20 zombies assaults you.
    What ya gonna do about it?

  • Well, Vince will pull out his trusty katana he always has with him!
    Katana of Slap-Chop
  • Doofus takes the Zombie's orders and pulls out his travel cooking stove.
  • @LordTachanka123

    "Well... that was a pretty exhausting endeavor..."
    The mad llama wipes away some sweats from her fur as she takes a quick break and watches the sheeps running around.

    And the others are either just sighing or shaking their heads.
  • Piper decides he's a carnivore for now, and slaughters one of the sheep so he can eat it later.
  • You guys are great.
  • Did I not make it, or am I just coming later?
  • Your good @KorandAngels, all your choice.

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