Race to the Home of the Chalice of Gold (Entries are now closed.)

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Ahoy there! This is a saga... but (probably) unlike any other!

Rumor has it that an island holds a great treasure... The Chalice of Gold! From ancient lore, this Chalice spills forth an infinite sum of gold when turned over. As pirates, you are immediately hooked onto the idea of everlasting riches, so you prepare to embark on the epic quest! However, many other adventurers (NPC and actual players alike), also seek this relatively new relic! Entries are not allowed after 8 PM (Pacific Time).


Recently, I've (somehow) noticed that in some sagas, people are allowed to do whatever they want. So, I've devised a way to hopefully prevent this from happening.

Section 1: Hero Points (HP) vs Villain Points (VP), and Sanity
  • Hero points can be gained by doing acts of good, and can be used as 'mana' to cast spells that bolster things that you have. (Red, White, Blue, Green and any other color that reflects these colors besides Black. Each player starts off with 20.) Every five good acts gives you one Pride Point, which goes toward your sanity.
  • Villain points are gained by doing acts out of evil, and can be used to cast spells that have negative effects on other creatures. (Red, Blue, Green, Black, and any other color that reflects these colors besides white. Each player starts off with 10.) Every five evil acts gives you one Malice Point, which goes toward your sanity.
  • Of course, being at sea for a very long time can be physically and mentally taxing. Mentally more so. As shown above, every five good or bad act gives you a Pride Point or a  Malice point. Every PP/MP reduces your sanity by 1. Each player start off with 10. When you reach 5, you begin adopting some sort of eccentricity. When you reach 3, you can no longer make choices for yourself. When you reach 2, you can no longer speak and make choices for yourself and your crew. When you reach 1, you are so off the deep end that your crew deserts you on an island. (You are expected to stay in character almost all the time.) This rule will be strictly enforced, if not taken into account by a player.
  • HP and VP will allow you to cast said spells.
Section 2: Alliances
  • You can form alliances with other pirate factions. this, however, must be established through a series of dialogue between both of your captains. This can be an assortment of threats (+1 VP) or promises (+1 HP).
  • If both teams agree right away, then great! If both don't, then the choices will depend on your ability to sway the other player by any means necessary
Section 3: Actions
  • Actions can be done freely. Some situations will require you to make a choice, some may give you HP, and some may give you VP.
  • When you state that you are doing an action, me, like the good DM I am, will ask you the fateful three words: ARE YOU SURE?
Off-topic chat is allowed, but will be strictly enforced if it gets too out-off hand.

I hope we can all also have fun here!

First things first: Make a card that represents your Captain, your ship, and make a First-mate as well. Add some backstory!
*Must be a pirate*
*Fist-mate must be a rare with CMC 4 or lower.*
*Ship must be a water vehicle.*


  • Your crew:

    Imagine it looks like one of your chosen race.

    Additionally, custom colors are allowed, but you must have claimed it, and something like this:

    'Blue is cold at worst, and smart at best.'
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    @spookoops ;So I can adjust HP and VP at the end of the day for each person. It will most likely be the first thing posted each day by me.
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    @The-DM ;

    Somewhere on the high seas, a captain and his crew are singing sea shanties on their ship while the first mate sets explosives throughout the hull

    They're a carefree group, with unusual tactics. They aren't interested in gold although it does cover the costs of Elaine's acquired tastes of whiskey and beer, they are instead interested in the thrill of the treasure hunt and the sounds of ship to ship combat! They welcome everyone with open arms and a bottle of ale, and they just want to have fun!
  • The system seems like it's dettering people from playing evil characters, what with doing evil things making you go insane and eventually get overthrown. I feel like good and evil player characters should be on the same footing. I also don't get why pirates, people who literally steal things for a living, are being penalized for being evil, especially with how pirates aren't usually seen as being "heroes" or "good guys."
  • Hm. I see. This issue will be dealt with. I will remove insanity, @Aggroman15, for you.
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    @The-DM Ok, so, for clarification, I am in no way saying that you have to scrap one of the major mechanics of the saga. I wasn't saying the insanity mechanic was bad, simply that it may need a bit of reworking. If you can think of a way for it to be more even between good and evil, that would be great, but even if you can't think of a way to successfully rework it to be even, I'm sure the mechanic will work just fine as is.
  • I see. I'm sure I will come up with an idea soon, @Aggroman15 .
  • Does this work fine Aggroman? I have new points for good.


    Captain August Ramathan:
    • Hero Points: 20
    • Villain Points: 10
    • Sanity: 10
    • Pride: 0
    • Malice: 0
    The Vic:
    • Hero Points: 20
    • Villain Points: 10
    • Sanity: 10
    • Pride: 0
    • Malice: 0
    Your characters are, so far, normal.

    Make some backstory for them while we wait for more pirates.
  • @Bowler218, have you made your Captain, First Mate, and ship? If so, please @ me in your edited post.
  • I've made the captain, now I'm gonna do the first mate
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    Here is the Noble crew of The Hellkite:
     Our captain, the courageous Captain Nymar.
     Our first mate, Nyridar who spurs us to action.

     The great Hellkite, finest ship ever to sail the sea.
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    Bravo! Give us some backstory @KorandAngels . Also, your ship reminds me of Sydney, Australia.
  • I don't really think that the backstory is anything that cant be assumed.
  • Fair enough.
  • Updated the comment!
  • @Bowller218 Our entries seem very similar...
  • I didn't see yours until you said something
  • Note:

    Please review the rules before starting.

    We sail tomorrow, at 1:00 (Pacific Time)!


  • Maybe they're related.
  • Twin brothers? I'm down for that! If it's ok with @The-DM
  • Ah, sure. I would like it if they differed in some way, @Bowler218 .
  • Yarr...
    So me situation be thusly, mates.  
    Yers truly has pillaged his nutbox, but alas, here I be with two pirate factions already in play, and meself be left with nuthin new.  'Twould be a shame on me honor to let this story sail on without meself tho, so meself bein th' captain that I be, I would offer ye the service o one of me current scoundrels as a humble entry.  Say th' word, mates, and this saga will be crewed by another.
    Or if y'd be kindly enough to push the deadline back two days, meself will have ye a crew anew, with a fresher cap'n to boot.
    What say ye?
  • I say ye that @The-DM is free to use my loot mechanic.
    Also, I just want to point out that from your system it makes black look evil, and white look good.
  • @KorandAngels How do you want to explain the characters looking similar?
  • @LordTachanka123
    Notice how the two negative type points are based off of two of the seven deadly sins.
    (Pride, Wrath.)
  • You don't cast lands tho
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    Very true. Lands aren't spells. Spells are cards with a mana cost. It would be played.

    Also, it's 'create' instead of 'make.'

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