Symphony of Cardsmiths Contest (Closed)

Hello and welcome to Symphony of Cardsmiths Contest! To enter, each contestant must create a card based on their favorite song. The song can be from any genre or language, old or new, instrumental or not. Your card must represent the feeling(s) and/or thought(s) you have whenever you hear your song. As you post your entry, post a link to the song it's based upon (YouTube, etc.) You may also say a few words about the song, what it means to you and why you chose it. Below you'll see three examples that I made and the links to the songs they're based upon.

Royal StargazerPohjola Northern ParadiseTrue Freedom

Royal Stargazer is based on Seven Kingdoms's song: Stargazer

Pohjola is based on Ensiferum's song: Pohjola

True Freedom is based on Two Steps From Hell's song: My Freedom


1. Up to three entries per cardsmith.
2. Post a link to the card and a link to the song with your entry.
3. One of your entries can be an old card (made before 2nd of June 2020)
4. You can make multiple entries from the same song.
5. No inappropriate/joke cards but humor can be involved.
6. Each entry can be edited, removed, or replaced with a different one before the due date.


There will be three winners, and each of them will earn 5 favorites from me to five cards of their choice. Each honorable mention will earn 1 favorite from me to a card of their choice. I'll also favorite each acceptable entry you post here.

Victory Criteria

Presentation, art, creativity, spelling, balance, and flavor.

Due date: 16th of June 2020

If you have any questions: @Ilmarinen

Have fun!



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