The Ultimate Multiverse Companion Show!!

Welcome to The Ultimate Multiverse Companion Show!!
Where Companion Trainers and Breeders from every plane come to compete in a battle of looks, wits, ferocity, and companionship. You get to show off your proud Companions!

Companions will be judged on the following:
  • Looks (Your Companion's appearance)
  • Playability (Can we play with this Companion?)
  • Protection (Can this Companion assist in battle?)
  • Power (How much power does this Companion have)
You will have two weeks to prepare your Companions for the show. 
By the end of the second week, you must have sent me the registration for your companion (the card link) and your message about why your Companion is superior, directly to me through the forum.
(Submission ends June 16th at 11:59 PM PacificTime)

The show will start on June 18th and Winners will be chosen after the show.

First will receive a follow and a card.
Second will receive a follow and two favorites.
Third will receive two favorites.

Bring me your, cutest, fiercest, most beloved companions!!


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