Just a casual day and.... *Drops Phone* HOLY MACKREL! ALL HOUNDS ARE NOW DOGS?! (Closed)

As you can probably guess from the title, WotC has recently made the change of all hounds being the new subtype "Dogs" as well as promising this adorable "Dog-Cat tribal commander" https://mtgazone.com/card/rin-and-seri-inseparable/.. But I'm already getting off track. This contest is going to be a dog contest, whether that be a regular creature with the dog type, an instant or sorcery about dogs, or even.. a new commander!


-Can be an old card.

-You can post unlimited cards, but only up to 2 per day.

-Needs to have something to do with dogs.

Point system:

-Each player starts with 0 points

-Any entry can give the person that made it up to 2 points, with up to 1 point for
each of how unique and clean it is.

-At the end of June, the 3 people with the most points win.. 


-3rd place gets 2 favorites of their choice

-2nd place gets 4 favorites of their choice

-1st place gets 6 favorites of their choice and a *I am blocking off this part. If you want to now what it is, you have to earn it*

Good Luck!


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