Tigersol's Tuesday Tourney #1 - Designing Evolution [closed]

Hello, I am Tigersol. As of now, I and a few other users are working on a prehistory themed expansion set for Magic the Gathering. I have decided that, in tandem to the main set discussion, I shall host a bi-monthly contest where I will pitch a challenge concerning the design of the set. This will range from anywhere between card designs, to world building, to mechanic designs, and generally anything that I think would make an interesting contest. I hope that this will provide the set a fresh set of eyes and ideas every two weeks, as well as provide all of you with a fun challenge to partake in. You do not need to know anything about the set to take part. In fact, having people who have not yet taken part in the set discussion enter the contest would be fantastic, for it provides the set with a vein of ideas not yet tapped into. 

The Challenge

Design a mechanic that represents evolution in one way or another. That's a little vague, so here are a few ideas:
- Make a mechanic that goes on creatures that allows those creatures to change over time. 
- Make a mechanic that doesn't need to go on a creatures that changes another creature.
There are many ways you can submit something for this competition. You can submit cards, just mechanics, or even half-baked ideas for mechanics. What I care most about is that this is a commons to share ideas and inspirations, and, if you can't find a way to word an idea of yours, that is okay. Submit a general sketch of it, and I'll still judge that based upon how interesting I think the idea is. Additionally, while I would appreciate that you stick to the theme, if you end up somewhere interesting and crazy while  trying to make a mechanic for this contest, send it in anyway! Let your creativity be unbound. My favorite ideas will almost certainly be play tested, and, if I end up including any ideas in the set, you will certainly be credited. 

Judging, Prizes, and Deadline

You have until 5:00 pm EST on Monday, June 29th to submit any entry you would like to make. 

In terms of judging, I will mostly be judging upon my gut reaction. Generally, anything that excites me as a player or a designer will end up getting a pretty good score. I know that is a little infuriating, and I'm sorry about that, but I believe this loose definition gives me the most freedom when I judge. 

Now for the good part. Prizes shall be distributed as follows:

1 - 4 entries:
The first place winner will receive a total of three favorites on cards of their pleasing and a follow. 

5-7 entries:
The first place winner will receive four favorites and a follow. 
The second place winner will receive three favorites. 

8+ entries: 
The first place winner will receive five favorites and a follow.
The second place winner will receive three favorites and a follow.
The third place winner will receive three favorites. 

Additionally, I reserve the right to hand out honorable mentions of one favorite. 


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