CONTEST: The Third Opening (Premium Prizes)

The Third Opening

=== Lore ===
Once before in the Arboretums of Selesnya it had been opened.

Ancient weapons, creations, and relics from across the multiverse had been gathered by oldwalkers for safekeeping. Perhaps it was to study? Perhaps it was for sentiment? Perhaps to contain something far more dangerous that any one plane could control. Just as mysteriously as the vault had opened, it closed once more and vanished from existence. A quiet lull had drifted through the realities, and planeswalkers had forgotten the existence of the vault. But nothing can be silent forever. Far from ravnica, far from shandalar... in a small stream along a forgotten path.

The archives have opened.

=== Rules ===
Create a Legendary Artifact and provide a small little lore blurb as short or as long as you'd like to accompany it. Because Cardsmith doesn't provide legendary colored artifact frames, you're permitted to use nonlegendary borders and that won't negatively impact the look of the card. Now is the time to flex one's knowledge of the magic lore!

== Examples ==

Engah's Research Notes by @Lujikul
The Ursatz Mirror by @KimJongMartin
Spirit-Flux Lantern by @Faiths_Guide
Stories for these examples can be found in the first contest:

=== Dates ===
Starting: Wednesday June 17th
Ending: Wednesday July 15th

=== Prizes ===
First Place - 3 months premium + 10 favorites of your choice + a follow
Second Place - 1 month premium + 5 favorites of your choice + a follow
Third Place - 3 favorites of your choice + a follow


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    Note: Malachai is a wacky, kinda overpowered, OC oldwalker of mine, if you're wondering.
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    (I hope it is acceptable due to my limitation with the translator.)

    It is in the sky that real wars take place, both behind mountains and beyond the clouds. There are still powerful tribes and magnificent cities flying over and touching the unexplored immensity of the skies of ether. One of the legends echo tribes of soldier birds recharged with duty and justice. The conduct of these beings is likely to be widely surveyed by angels.
    Legends also overflow the true nature of this sword ... which came from heaven. A war where the last remnants forgot to collect the belongings of the slaughtered. It may be that you have not just a lost sword, but an entire war ensemble with the most formidable magic in the skies of ether.

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    Book of Legends

    The Book of Legends was a magical book kept by the Fomori giants of Ir. It contains knowledge of how to utilize all forms of mana, as well as a list of all the planeswalkers who attacked the Fomori, including their abilities. Whoever put the Book in the archives most likely hid it away for safekeeping. Since their identity is still unknown, however, their exact purpose is still up in the air...
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