A new Guild / Ravnica: Electric Boogaloo edition.

We all know Ravnica. The legendary MTG plane known for many things, those include: the defeat of Bolas, being split up into guilds, and more. Unlike my other contest, this one has a story, here it is: 
A few years after the defeat of Bolas, a new Guild arose. Unlike other guilds, this one had 3 (or more, you decide) colors. The Guild quickly merged into what is Ravnica.

In this contest, I would like you to make a new Guild. Here are your rules:
• You must post 2+ cards. 1 guild leader and 1+ cards that show what the guild is.
• old cards are allowed.
• up to 10 cards. (You don't need that much work though, 3 is also good.)
• unset cards are allowed.

You can get 0-10 points, each category grants you more points the more your card fits in it.
Balancing - 4
Quality - 4
And 2 extra points for those who actually posted 7+ cards. You get 1 of these for 3+.

1st - 5 favs and follow
2nd - 4 favs.
3rd - 3 favs


Ends in 0-3 days.



  • Sounds like Ravnica: Electric Boogaloo edition.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos I am VERY copying that
  • I'll be on the cchase soon.
  • I will post soon.

    also, it's plane. Plain is an adjective.
  • @jaceberlin
    Question: Is this 3 color guilds allowed?
  • @MTG_Sappy yep, you guild can have from 0-6 colors. (You can add a new one.)
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    @The-DM whoops, typo
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    Cards will soon be coming.

    Arjai Flock - (Red White & Blue)

    Ideals: Loyalty - To be apart of the flock, one must have unquestionable loyalty and a sense of righteousness and morality.
    Mechanic - Gust N [instance/event with flying] [Life gain]
    Ex: gust 2 (Until end of turn, whenever another creature you control with flying enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.)

    [+ = more than average] [= = average] [- = less than average]

    Races - Intelligent:
               Humans (+)
               Aven/Sirens (=)
               Spirits (+)
               Ghosts (-)
               Goblins (Tinkerers from Izzet) (-)
               Elementals (=)
               Constructs (-)
    Birds (+)
               Griffons (=)
               Manticore (-)
               Elementals (=)
               Constructs (-)

  • Hope you don't mind me using my custom color pie, I've been wanting to for a while and Cleo was perfect for this. We got her Saturday and I'll post more cards and lore later.

    Name: Pharyc Agency
    Members:Assassins, poets, artists, and the likes.
    Goals:Absolute peace, through either arts or killing warmongers.

  • Cleo's former owner, he kills violent people and turns them into statues.
  • @CassZero Nooooo.... You actually posted 7+ cards.... Now Im forced to read all of them. 
    Please specify the guild leader.
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    Psobyne Fellowship

    This is a new Ravnica guild, whose guildmembers base their operations in street-level shelters and clinics.  They are: Philanthropists. Anti-selfishness. Anti-Orzhov. Four color, no black.  The Psobyne Fellowship is the "Group Hug" guild, for lack of a better term.  Their primary goals are: charity, altruism, beneficence, and selflessness. They are led by a new planeswalker from Theros whose spark just ignited ... many years ago: Tiro of Meletis.  (Timey-wimey time travel story below the cards.)    

    (sorry about the set-symbol. I meant to put these all in Ravnica, but Tiro is from Theros, and I got mixed up!)

    Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis were soulmates who defeated the tyrant Agnomakhos a century ago.  After the recent defeat of Nicol Bolas, the historian time traveling planeswalker Teferi went back to Theros's past to uncover why the Guardians of Meletis were at war, but he discovered that Kynaios and Tiro were merely a squabbling couple whose "feud" has been greatly exaggerated by historians.  Unfortunately, Teferi witnessed Kynaios's tragic murder by followers of Agnomakhos, and when Tiro's planeswalker spark ignited because of his bitter loss, Teferi followed him through time and space to the oft-neglected neighborhood of Psobyne in the Ravnica of Tiro's future (which is the present).  Teferi helped turn Tiro's despair into selflessness by establishing a charitable fellowship (guild) whose grassroots movements are in direct opposition to the Orzhov Syndicate.

    [edit:] This is a logo I designed for a barbershop quartet thing I did a while back, but it works for a four-color non-black guild, so I'm co-opting it for my new guild now that the barbershop quartet thing is over! lol

  • @TerryTags How did u make the logo?
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    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos , Photoshop
    [edit 6/25] and I just taught myself Vectr, so those custom set symbols are from Vectr.
  • @TerryTags - If you ever remake that logo, you'll need to add 4 masks and get some physical distancing in there!
  • @Corwinnn awwww.... For a moment I thought an admin actually entered my contest. 
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    How about the Guildless? This would be a cool Cube mechanic.

    I worked hard on this flavor text Faerie Derriereiy At Her Majestys Behest
  • @Temurzoa nope, you can turn them into a guild though. 
  • But wait...

    If the gateless resent the guilds, but become a guild themselves, does that mean they have to wreck themself?
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    @Temurzoa and @The-DM if the Guildless were a guild, their color theme could be a 4-color, No White, U/B/R/G group, right? Anarchists, Anti-society (Anti-Azorius?) with a focus on: Land Synergy, Graveyard, and Chaos.  Primary "beliefs": nihilism, chaos, revolution, anti-law, antisocial.  Which is different from Gruul ... I guess?  Because Gruul is a CLAN, a family, a unit.  And the Guildless are most definitely NOT.  But maybe they set up "blind drops" around the city.  Caches where other Guildless leave things they don't need and even though they're not TRYING to help each other (and certainly sometimes those caches are booby-trapped), that could be their "gate", per se: the caches around the city?  Just spitballing here.

  • @KorandAngels Just 'no?' Why?

    @TerryTags  I mean, they would also have white, maybe, because they would use it for community, trust, and reliance for each other...
    (I think...)
  • @The-DM
    The gateless don't resent the guilds! Araitha is gateless, yet she still loves the Rakdos, Gruul, and Selesnya!
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    @Terrytags and @The-DM I think the guildless would be best represented by all five colors. White prioritizes the well-being of the collective and wants to build a world where life is as good as it can be for each individual. Blue seeks to constantly improve on the system. Part of this is to ensure that blue has access to the resources it needs, but part of it is the belief that an element of reaching one's potential is living within a world that has reached its own potential. Black wants what is best for the individual and takes advantage of the system that is flawed and will always be flawed. Red follows what feels right and wants to tear down the restrictions that prevent them from realizing their full potential. And green emphasizes finding your own place in the world, regardless of whether you fit into a guild or not.

    Here's my theory for the guildless: The guildless unite based on their differences. They want to see Ravnica free of guilds not for any overarching reason, but because so many of the guildless have different opinion on why, and they respect that because arguing about it would compromise their unity.

    I'm still not sure whether common-matters is correct for the guildless. I originally wanted to do monocolored matters, but I believe that it is possible for two-colored creatures to be part of the guildless. For example, a rogue specializing in Blue and Black magic might reject House Dimir because the guild does not recognize/represent their plans for Ravnica, a fundamentally U/B reason for doing so. What are your thoughts about this?
  • Awesome! I'll get to thinking on them @Temurzoa !

  • Hope you don't mind me using my custom color pie, I've been wanting to for a while and Cleo was perfect for this. We got her Saturday and I'll post more cards and lore later.

    Name: Pharyc Agency
    Members:Assassins, poets, artists, and the likes.
    Goals:Absolute peace, through either arts or killing warmongers.
    (Don't mind the watermark)

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