Mark of Destiny

Hello, and welcome to a new challenge. In this contest, you change a creature
into a legendary creature. It's that simple.


-To enter a card, choose a nonlegendary creature from anywhere in magic, and make a legendary creature based off of it. (Silver-bordered cards are welcome.)
-Show us both cards in your entry.
-Each week, @LordTachanka123@CassZero and I will rate each card on a scale of 1 to 10 points.
-You may enter one card per week.
-You have the entire month of July to enter.
-After the month, the three people with the most points win.
-Try to be creative. You cannot use the same nonlegendary creature twice.


First: 3 favorites on each of up to 6 cards
Second: 3 favorites on each of up to 4 cards
Third: 3 favorites on each of up to 2 cards

Good Luck from @CassZero and I.

And @LordTachanka123 says break a leg. He also says he wishes no one good luck. (He made me right this.)


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