Add on contest! (Mostly unset, look inside.)

Ok... Yesterday I had this idea, it's very wacky, but I think it will work.
For this contest I would like you to describe something you want to make a card out of BUT NOT MAKE THE CARD YET! Then, the next person who posts adds something wacky on to your idea, only then do you post the card. It should go like this:
user#1: I want to make a sword...
User#2: That inflicts EMOTIONAL wounds.
User#1: *Makes a card based around a sword that inflicts EMOTIONAL wounds and posts it here.*

Your comment should look like this:
*What you add on to the card before yours.*
*What you want to make.*

Then someone posts this:
*Add-on to yours.*
*Card they want to make.*

And then you post this:
*The card.*

1st - 5 favs and a follow.
2nd - 3 favs.
3rd - 2 favs.

I'll judge by how funny the card is.



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