Help me Improve my Custom Set and "Fan Product" Design by Taking this Survery

Hey there MTGCS. I'm working on creating more custom sets and come up with "fan product" ideas and I'd love to get your insight into the current state of MTG so I can better cater my designs to what the players/MTGCS community wants. I've come up with a survey to help answer some of the questions I've been having while designing sets and coming up with product ideas. Thanks in advance!


  • Thanks for feeding my poll addiction! Hope my responses help!
  • @HeroKP

    They certainly do! It's been fascinating to watch the responses come in throughout just the first few hours it's been up. I'd love to get a couple dozen responses at least so I know I've got a decent sample size to base my decisions, claims, etc. on for my coming project. I'll probably do a followup post with some of the interesting findings from the poll.
  • This thing is kinda long...
  • @Ranshi

    Have you seen official MTG surveys? They're just about as long in my experience (either that or I spend too long writing the free-response stuff on those XD).
  • Yeah, but with the official ones, I know it's impacting the actual production, y'know? ;)
  • Hey you're partaking in official Sorcerers of the Shore market research. It's basically the same thing. We here at Sorcerers of the Shore strive for customer satisfaction and engagement, and this is just another step we're taking toward that goal.
  • My responses are submitted. They will probably affect any trends that have been happening with the responses
  • @Abu_Jafar

    At this point 25 people have responded, which is great, because it means no one person can skew the data too much with their answers.
  • I submited.
    Hail Dromoka.
  • Heyo! As someone who submitted, I would be interested to see the data breakdown.  Mind giving us the results when it is completed?

  • I would also be interested in that.

  • That would be cool! Since I want to see how many share the ideas I have about the color imbalance in magic right now.
  • @DrakeGladis @Abu_Jafar @Bowler218

    I will 100% be doing a data breakdown analysis after this. I just want to give the poll time to be fully seen by everyone and entries settle down. It's got 28 entries so far, and I'd like to see it maybe get to 30. Either that or nobody submits to it for a full day.

  • I'm sure it'll get to at least 30 entries
  • We're at 28 so far, which is already a few more than I had initially hoped to get!
  • @Arceus8523 I’ll do it first thing tomorrow morning!
  • Gonna bump this real quick and see if anyone else wants to respond. Otherwise I'll start typing up my disocveries.
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