Circuit Challenge - 2020 - Season 2

How does the Circuit Challenge Season work?

Winners of Circuit Challenges will be awarded points. These points will follow them throughout the entire Circuit just like in the original Circuit Challenge, and at the end, our Top Ten Cardsmiths will be determined.

Who will be the Judges?

Each month, at least three Official Circuit Challenges will be hosted, and points will be awarded to the winners. The hosts will be hand picked to help diversify the results, so not just one person is selecting the winners.

How long is the Season?

Each season will last about 3 months. If there is a clear winner, it could end early and if there is a tie, a tie breaker could run over.

What do we win?

Bragging rights, a spot in the Hall of Fame, the adoration of legions of fans... Oh, and this...

The first place Circuit Challenge winner will receive the following prizes, donated from MTGCardsmith:

1 Featured card of their choice, from their own cards!
That's right... You win, and you get to pick your own card that you want everyone to see featured!!
1 Month of Premium Features for you and two 1 Month Premium Features for you to give away!
What better way to make friends than the gift of Premium Features?

Bonus Prize for Season 2
US Residents can choose to receive an MTG Cardsmith playmat or $25 STEAM Gift Certificate!
International Residents will receive a $25 STEAM Gift Certificate!



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