Commander Legends primer (Until end of 9/4/2020)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I know this is way ahead of time, but myself wanna make an offering to fellow magic players that will get you hyped.



Depending on the amount of entries we will have bigger prizes to an extent. So please invite your friends!

Prizes for every four participants, will be three packs of a different set on or after November. Up to 3 sets of three packs! Unless, I change my mind and increase the cap...

This means you can win a variety of stuff and be able to get essentially free drafts or multi-pack openings throughout the next year timeframe. Each set of packs will be for the next mtg set after the prior one. Beginning with Commander Legends. Packs costing more than 18$ will not be included, so no Masters sets. Sorry, I can't afford recurring Masters sets prizes.

If a Masters set can reliably be gotten for roughly that limit in single packs, I may change my stance. I just can't buy bulk.



Now, what is the challenge you might say.

Clear and succinctly, the challenge is to make a legendary artifact or enchantment card.


Thank you!





  • Have fun and see ya'll when the actual contest comes out.
  • Will get right on it
  • Cool idea! Also love the fox ^W^
  • So can we actually start posting cards on this thread, or is this just talking about an upcoming contest?
  • This is a mini challenge to get people aware of the upcoming one!
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    These prizes are for the mini challenge also.

    The contest will have alternate prizes.
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    I'm not really that experienced with Legendary artifacts, but here's a go at one.

    Oh also I messed up with the last ability. It should say {4},{t}: Return target legendary creature exiled with Ring of Royalty to your hand.
  • @SNAPcreator7
    Looks good. I like the card. Seems very balanced. Minor wording issues but other than that it's fine.

    First ability is good.

    Second ability...

    T: Add one mana of any of the colors among cards exiled with Ring of Loyalty.

    Third ability...

    5, T: Return target legendary permanent card you own from exile to your hand.

    Keep in mind these changes are minor, but help explain the effects. Feel free to use your own wording.

    To be honest this is a great entry.
  • Thanks @murkletins! Yea, I realize I made some mistakes, it's late for me however and tomorrows a School day so I was just kind of tired. 

    Ring of Royalty  {2}

    Legendary Artifact

    When Ring of Royalty enters the battlefield, you
    may search your library for a Legendary creature
    with converted mana cost 5 or less and exile it.

    {t}: Add one mana of any of the colors among cards exiled with Ring of Royalty

    {5},{t}: Return target legendary permanent card you own from exile to your hand.
  • @SNAPcreator7
    No worries, just wanna help if possible. IRL always comes first.
  • Mixed news, I'm postponing the future contest in exchange for helping out friends. This primer mini challenge will continue. But we'll see if the Commander Legends contest is relevant when it happens. Otherwise, we'll do something else equally great.

    Sorry for the news, I'm just prioritizing my new playgroup and online friends again.
  • @murkletinsIs it ok if the card I submit is made with a non-mtgcs site?
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    That's perfectly fine. Thanks for asking, rather than refraining from entering.
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    Here we go.
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    Been working on some Lotor themed cards lately.

  • This has been getting quiet. Shall we close this challenge and award some minor booster pack prizes at the given set release, since it's been a little silent to be honest?

    Apologies if you expected the prizes to end up stacking. Though that could change.
  • I can invite some people if you want @murkletins
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    Up to you, if you feel like doing so. Don't feel obligated though as otherwise, I'll just award the base prize of 3 Commander Legends packs. Which on its own, is pretty great!

    Thinking this lost momentum was due to the main contest it was a primer for being postponed.
  • perhaps...
  • Ok thanks @murkletins. I was just asking if you wanted any more people to join, or if we should just end it here.
  • Origin of Infinity

    I understand it is real MTG art, but I couldn't find anything as good.
  • Gonna give this three more days, then I'll announce a winner. Unless entries happen often.
  • Hey do vehicles and creatures that are artifacts and enchantments count?
  • DrakeGladis
    Yep, as long as they're legendary.
  • I'm a comin! 
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