Complexional ---- Contest with Prizes

Hello everyone! So for this contest, I want y'all to design a card with thirty-one words or more (in its rules text). This is basically the counterpart to @shadow123's contest, twelve words or less. Names in rules text count as only one word and adventure spell names and subtypes don't count towards the total. Here is an example:

Follow the Sea = 49 words (Follow the Sea counts as one)

The contest is judged on complexity, balance, flavor, creativeness, and how fun the card is.

The prizes are as follows:

1st place - 6 favorites, 1 follow

2nd place - 4 favorites, 1 follow

3rd place - 3 favorites

(As long as there as six or more entries, there will be follows included. If not, only favorites.)

The deadline is Sep 17th, 2020. Good luck!


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