May myself have help finding my ideal commander, from among officials? (Please close thread, thx)

Here's what myself value in commander listed into categories. Then we'll show you some commanders myself like but aren't sure about.

Fact about myself, my favored included color combinations are GW & BG.

General aspects of a CMDR deck:
a) Ramp.
b) Removal.
c) Creatures.
d) Instants.

a) Big creatures/plays.
b) Reanimator.
c) Mid-Range/Combo.
d) Graveyard.
e) Toolbox.

Favorite Archetypes:
a) Graveyard/Reanimator.
b) Mid-Range/Combo.
c) Big Creatures/Plays.

Commanders myself have some interest in: (Favorites of those mentioned are Jodah... & The Scarab God.)

Custom commanders we made that myself like:

For ideas, check here:

Will keep looking for your custom commanders that myself like, so myself can add them as a category.


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    Perhaps you would be interested in Kathril, Aspect Warper? A Regna, the Redeemer and Krav, the Unredeemed deck might be interesting to you. Ramos, Dragon Engine is a popular yet obscure deck, and if you happen to be the kind of person that I am continuously crusading against (Dromoka!), an Ertai, the Corrupted deck could be interesting.
  • with the options you gave there's way too many commanders to be able to reccomend well. could you narrow it down a bit? that way it would be a lot easier to find commanders more finely tuned to your playstyle

  • And since you like foxes, you might like a Zirda, the Dawnwaker deck. And perhaps it would be within your taste to play a Volrath, the Shapestealer deck.
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    Muldrotha. Play Muldrotha Always.

    I may also recommend Sen Triplets, but that's not really because it would suit your playstyle, I just like talking about Sen Triplets.

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    The Scarab God is my favourite Magic card of all time. For me, it doesn't get much more awesome than a Scarab God deck. A word of warning though: the mighty Scarab will bring out a side of your personality you didn't know you had. You will find yourself stealing creatures from your opponents' graveyards for the sheer fun of it. You will find yourself cackling evilly, uncontrollably, at the thought of casting an Army of the Damned. You will lose all your friends as you swear eternal obeisance to your new, glorious god.
    So yeah, The Scarab God is cool but be careful. A classic zombie build should be fine but when you start reanimating 4/4 Agent of Treacheries, be prepared to lose some friends.
    If you play The Scarab God for long enough, you actually develop a strange condition where all creature cards look like 4 mana 4/4s. You'll look at Grizzly Bears and think 'hmm, a 4/4 Zombie for 4? I mean, the statline's not great but at least it's a Zombie...'
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    Updating the main post in the next few minutes to be more focused.

    Status: Updated!
  • huh. Maybe Karador?
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    Do you think Karador is more reasonable/fun than Jodah. If so myself will play them most likely. My old opinions of them were bad, but now myself am uncertain. Myself get the feeling Jodah just is a salty commander and would put my playgroup off of playing with moi.

  • Myself think usaername is onto something. Thanks so far for all the feedback everyone.
  • @murkletins both have the potential for an ungodly amount of salt, it just depends on how you play them
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    I'll play Karador then, due to them likely being less salty overall. Thanks.

    Would you like some packs of Commander Legends as thanks for your help? (3 packs to be specific.) I can ship them through mtgcardsmith.

    My plan was to give some booster packs to the best advised commander for my playstyle. Myself hadn't even thought of Karador due to being salty over its stats. We know, stereotypical of myself.

    If you end up not wanting the prize, you are welcome to give the 3 Commander Legends packs to another entrant of this just for fun challenge.
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    Don't play Ertai or I will be forced to slowly kill you with a mono-white deck. And while you are in the proscess of not playing Ertai, perhaps you might try not playing Talrand, Sky Summoner, Baral, Chief of Compliance, Ertai, Wizard Adept, or the colour Blue.
  • @murkletins im glad to have been of assistance! if you're willing to send some along I certainly wouldn't object to free cards
  • @Corwinnn
    May you close this thread?
  • I really hate counterspells.
  • understandable.
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