It was a monster mash (Make cards inspired by your fellow cardsmiths for a custom set.)

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, I'd like to make a set of custom commanders and need your help. Our goal is to make custom commanders for many different cardsmiths. We might tie this in with something else later, but until then, this is just for fun.

10 cardsmiths, 10 different legendary creatures capable of being commanders.

(Exception: Partner commanders will affect the total cards per smith.)

Enter yourself here, to be one of the cardsmiths that will have at least one card made after them.

This was inspired by an old thread of ours and myself would like to start it back up in a way that is less overwhelming.

If this gets popular enough, we may increase the amount of cardsmiths that may enter. (But for now, it's capped at 10 entrants.)

So what is the purpose of this you might say! Well, we're making cards of cardsmiths to send out to those cardsmiths at a later date hopefully.

Same as the old thread to be fair.

Entrants: (If not interested in having your card sent out to you, comment as such.)
1) LordTachanka123
2) KorandAngels
3) HeroKP
4) TenebrisNemo
5) Ranshi
6) Revan
7) Lujikul
8) joemamajoe
9) DrakeGladis
10) shadow123

Overload Slots: (For those joining later on.)
1) SNAPcreator7
2) sorinjace
3) Temurzoa

When do signups end? --> "Signups end after Sept 14th, 2020"

If you would like to help in making cards, just leave a comment here saying so. Then, we'll look over your ideas.

(If this gets popular enough, I'll look into something to give away as thanks for showing support.)



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