Murk's, 2021 Contests - Planning phase (Give your feedback - We've added details to each option!)

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Pre-planning upcoming contests for 2021:

Top of the line is Standard, below the line is supplemental. Release quarters shown for planning.

(Below are some examples of ideas. We won't do them all, but we'll do some.)

1) Booster challenge. - A challenge where ~6 challenges will be given, each with a winner getting 3 booster packs

1) Booster challenge. - Same as prior.
2) School contest. - Contest on school themed cards.
3) Apprenticeship challenge. - Level up as an apprentice for different awards.

Dungeons and Dragons:
1) Booster challenge.
2) DnD contest. - Make one of your favorite DnD characters into a card.
3) Face the music challenge. - Make cards inspired by music.

Modern Horizons:
1) Booster challenge.
2) Mechanical conundrum challenge - A goal is given and the best ~3 mechanics featuring that goal will be awarded prizes.

Innistrad, Vampires and Werewolves:
Waiting on info if it is a set or a precon. (If you have ideas, we can add them to the list for community feedback.)

[Remastered sets are excluded. Such as Time Spiral.]


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