Batch a Bunch

Who's pumped for Zendikar Rising?
While in all seriousness I'm excited, I think some other mechanics could've made more sense and been more fun, but that's not cause I think party is a bad mechanic, just I think they could've released it with the D&D set. But that's just it. I love the party mechanic! And historic!
So here's your challenge!
Make a new batch type(Historic and Party) and then make up to three cards utilizing that batch type.
That simple! 
I'll judge three days after we get seven contestants. That's it! And also thankfully our fox pal @murkletins first place(And maybe second) can get premium awards!
I'll also try to give some feedback on each batch type, and maybe even card, but that's if I have time. 
I also might try to get another judge.
Good luck!

1st:A follow and premium
2nd: Premium
3rd: A follow


  • LordTachanka123
    I can offer premium if you get enough contestants. Just cause the spontaneity thrills moi.
  • Ooh, okay @murkletins! How much is enough?

  • the amount you want.
  • Ooh, okay! Thanks!
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  • Here's my entry, Defensive: (Cowards, creatures with defender, creatures with pacifist, and walls are defensive.)
  • This batching keyword is almost two years old, but I have only used it a few times. I want to explore it more, so I made the 1st card just recently. The other 2 are old:

    Fast (Creatures with first strike, double strike, or haste are fast.)

    Quick DeathHestia Ashen WatchmanSnatching Youth
  • Our first two contestants! Just need 5 more!
  • I'll enter, just let me create my cards first :)
  • Here's mine! Focusing on Zombies and zombie-like creatures, I introduce... SHAMBLING! (Creatures with Deathtouch, Infect, or have Zombie as a subtype have shambling.)

  • Anybody remember Swarmyard? I do.

  • What about Party mechanics that we created two days before the mechanic was announced? :)

    At Her Majestys Behest
  • Funny enough @Temurzoa, I also made a party mechanic similar to yours right before it was announced! 
  • heya, here are my submissions! my batch, outsiders, would theoretically show up in something like a return to Ixalan, where the focus is on the corrupt vampire theocracy in Torrezon that commands the Legion of Dusk--or really anywhere where white is the color of an evil authoritarian power. Zendikar Rising has clerics primary in white, wizards in blue, warriors in red, and rogues in black, with green having a spread of all, and Maro noted that batching a full five creature types was too much of a logistical nightmare. in light of that, my approach with outsiders would be rebels in white, rogues in blue, pirates in red, and deserters in green, with black having a spread of each. thanks for taking a look!

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    Here's my quick entry:

    Instants, spells with flash, and spells cast outside of your main phases are quick.

  • Here's my entry:

    Chivalrous creatures are knights, nobles, and samurai. The idea is that these different subtypes are very honorous, and are take detriments to themselves in order to gain more power/affect opponents, so that they are being fair and honorous, taking a detriment to gain an improvement.

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    Blemp. Also, a vague reminder to @LordTachanka123 that we've got our seven participants for judging, in case you want to judge or apply some sort of deadline extension / modification.
  • Oh okay, thanks @MemoryHead! I'll get to judging!
  • Time for judging!

    First up, everyone who submitted cards had some really interesting concepts. Thank you for everyone who participated!

    Honorable Mentions
    @Krepes's outsiders
    Cool concept, really loved how you made it, but the real issue with it is just that it's very parasitic. Still love it!

    3rd place
    Really awesome mechanic! Very widespread, I could definitely see some play with this! 

    2nd place
    I love critters! This could very easily see some play in something such as a small creatures matter set, and I love how cute it is, yet still fits with Magic.

    And in 1st place
    Fast is brilliant! Very flavorful, I really love it!

    1st:A follow and premium
    2nd: Premium
    3rd: A follow
    You can reward prizes however yourselves want.

  • Awesome! Thanks a bunch for hosting, @LordTachanka123! I'll definitely create more cards that use my batching keyword in the near future!

    @murkletins - I would like to have the month of premium added to my account, please:
  • Yay! Congratulations to my fellow winner-people, and thank you for the contest @LordTachanka123

    @murkletins Since we seem to be asking this, can I have the premium on my account:
    Thank you for the generosity!
  • thanks for the shoutout, @LordTachanka123, and congrats to the winners! this was a lot of fun. 
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