Photoshop is fun

Post images and how you want me to edit them!


  • I don't know how good they are going to be, but coloring drawings made for Artful August contest is also ok. 
  • @Tomigon just a minute! I have a request from my buddy @ArinSka!
  • That's awesome. Tomigon!
  • This is so fun! Could you maybe photoshop me as a Ninja cat into this forest? Maybe a battle scene or something?

  • @murkletins

    If you give me more materials, that would help. Like images of ninja, cat, battle scene.. I don't usually have trouble with finding images for background.
  • @SNAPcreator7

    This is the art I used. I forgot the artist's name.

  • That's darn impressive, Tomigon. Love the subtle, yet impactful edits.
  • I tried this myself but had too much difficulty... I want to make a 5 color omnath, so can you reshade the glowing white coming out of his head to be darkness instead, to represent the color black? His hands are the other 4 colors, so I just need the black in the middle. If you can, thanks so much in advance!

    Something like this... but obviously more natural so it looks realistic and not like I scribbled on it in MS paint (which I did):

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    I tried using the magic wand tool in photoshop, but couldn't replace it with my own gradient for some reason, and the tone/contrast/color adjustments didn't quite work out the way I wanted so I kinda gave up. If you can't do it, then I understand, but if you could make it work then I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    What about this?

  • Oooh, yes, this works perfect! Thanks! :)
  • @Alextorrez6
    They often use purple for black spells!
  • @Tomigon, Arin said he already sent you the lineart he wanted colored. I'm pretty sure he did so on discord. If/When you're done with that, would you mind posting it here too?

  • Also, do you think you could take Taako from this image and put him in a suitable background, such that it would be more fitting for a card?
  • Photoshop is fun...

  • Can you make Gideon a little ghostly? Kinda fitting black? Think grateful apparition.
  • @Ranshi ;
    @Arinska said he wants me to clean things up when he finishes with it, and set me the lineart. But he didn't say its finished or how he wants it to be colored. I had no idea what to do. I tried to get more information but he didn't reply yet.
  • @Tomigon, I have another request though I’m not sure if it is beyond just photoshop. Can I DM you over it?
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    Thanks! It wasn't easy. If I had more skills I think it could've been better. But I enjoyed editing : )

  • See the source imageCan I get this guy put into a place where he's performing a benediction of some sort on someone else?
  • @DrakeGladis
    I don't feel comfortable to edit the art that has artist's watermarks on it.

  • (art by Z. W. Gu)

    Do y'think you could flip it along the vertical axis and make it way less colorful and more evil and spooky and almost ethereal? I dunno how to descriptors good. (It's supposed to be for a card I'm going to make of Akuma's (my character in the Tournament of Champions) abyssal duplicate who appears in her dreams.)
  • @Tomigon Gorgeous!!!!! thank you so much!
  • @Usaername
    Glad you like it!

  • Here's a picture of La'ayiv I drew on some online drawing thingy. Can you make him less like a bad picture and making him look like an actual avatar*, and if you want put him on a background befitting the paradoxical yet beautiful land of La'ay?

    *He has about 6 other creature types, but of all of them, avatar is the most normal.
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