Sorcerers of the Shore Presents: EM Standard! (Looking for playtesters!)

Greetings, MTGCS crowd!

Are you bored of the official MTG formats? Looking for something new and interesting to build around? Then, we here at Sorcerers of the Shore are excited to be offering an alternative. Arceus8523, Sorcerers of the Shore's head designer, is excited to announce that, at long last, Sorcerers of the Shore is launching its own standard format made up of some of our custom sets, EM Standard!

This has been years in the making, and the sets featured have gone through a lot of development and refining. That being said, while the sets featured have gone through a decent amount of limited playtesting, they have gone through virtually no constructed playtesting, and there's bound to be a variety of problem cards and overpowered decks that we need your help to catch and iron out! Because EM Standard is primarily a digital format and we are by no means official designers, we can create a format with virtually no bans, only buffs and nerfs as needed. Furthermore, we have no motives other than to ensure you, the players, have as much fun as possible. We're really hoping this can be an ongoing and developing format that will have more sets added over time to keep things exciting and interesting for players.

EM Standard will be launching with four sets:

1. Core EM —  A core set recounting the lore leading up to the EM Standard sets, featuring a variety of exciting reprints mixed in with a selection of interesting new cards.
2. Blackened Skies — The custom set that started everything for us. Come paly in a victorian-era steampunk set centered around tapping artifacts to build "machines" on the board that synergize with one another into a game-winning engine.
3. Eathouria — One of our most radical mechanical foundations. Eathouria is a set of dreams and nightmares, all centered around "exile has a second hand" mechanics. It's radically different than anything an official MTG set would contain and is wrapped up in a gorgeous fantasy aesthetic full of color, so much so that all of the set's rares and mythic rares are full arts.
4. Kaladesh 2.0 — A radical take on a "return to" set. This is not Kaladesh as you know it, but Kaladesh set 250 years after the events of Aether Revolt. Come see Kaladesh presented in a unique cyberpunk aesthetic, with counters-matter gameplay at its mechanical core.

(Setting aside the whole "Sorcerers of the Shore" persona. Honestly, it would really mean a lot to me if you all hopped in, participated, and gave your feedback. I've put a lot of work into this and I'd really like to see it flourish.)

If you wish to join us and play EM Standard, please come visit us at our discord:


  • I would like to playtest and know what EM stands for, but I am not on discord.
  • did anyone else think this said "sorcerers of the shoe"
  • Jace Shoe 2.0 confirmed
  • I am on discord, and I would like to join this. 

    I won't be able to come on voice chat, though.
  • @TheDukeOfPork

    Well, feel free to hop in! There's nothing stopping you! vc might come into play, but Cockatrice has an in-client chat you can use so I think you can work around it
  • How would we play, though?
  • @TheDukeOfPork
    Sorry for the delay, busy weekend!

    We will be playing using cockatrice, a free digital client that lets you paly MtG and use custom cards and sets
  • I would like to playtest and am on discord.
  • Hey guys! Just bump/a heads up that the first weekly playtesting tournament for Extended Multiverse Standard will be held from 6:00pm-10:00pm EST tomorrow, Saturday the 17th! If you're interested in participating, please drop by my playtesting server to take part (link up above!). We will also be starting asynchronous weekly leagues the following week.
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