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It has been over 500 years since humanity figured out Planar travel and crashed into its first contact with another planar race, the Rhox.  Having somewhat been prepared for potential first contact, the humans wasted no time in trying to exert some dominance.  What was supposed to be an ordinary planar take-over, turned into a year long fight for survival, on both parties.  Although the humans were new to planar travel and battle, they had quite advanced weaponry and tactics.  On the other hand, the Rhox had the homefield advantage, resulting in what would seem a deadlock.  After some advanced diplomacy from both sides, there was ultimately called a truce. 

Humanity was eventually able to settle some lands and harbor a PlanarGate.  Although there is still minor animosity between the Humans and the Rhox, the two races in due course have become amicable and work to advance together, over the centuries.

Fast forward three centuries from First Contact, and humanity has progressed significantly, and so has their collective expanse.  They are now a member of the Planar Imperium, a governing body of the many races throughout the planes. Although, this did not come easily.  Many of the other races believed that humans are brash, headstrong, impulsive, and harbor a sense of entitlement.  Ironically, these are similar traits to what got them elected into the Planar Imperium in the first place.

Unfortunately, this peaceful and prosperous existence did not last for the entirety of the cosmos…

It has been roughly a century since the Purge nearly wiped existence from the Planes.  In what seemed like engineered poetry, Planar stars started simultaneously falling out.  One after another, planes and empires were just vanishing, scrambling to escape and survive. 

There has been very little explanation as to what may have caused this, more conspiracy theories than known facts.  Some believe an ancient god-like race has awoken from eternal slumber to regain control of the cosmos.  Others feel that it’s a ploy from the Planar Imperium to put a strangle hold on the out-world dissenters.  Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, the Planar Imperium and the rest of known life is in disarray, and in a fight for survival.

Planar travel is all but gone.  Habitable planets are far and few between, and growing more barren as the years pass.  The PlanarGates that once serviced the planes are lost and forgotten.

But, there is rumored hope.  That of a great planar station, Bastion.  All that who are able to find and reach it are said to live in peace and prosperity once again…__________________________________________________________________________________________________

Welcome to my epic saga, Bastion. Here you will embark on a heroic journey to recover and rebuild the PlanarGates, all the while doing your best to discover what had ultimately caused the Purge. 

The beginning is simple, create a legendary creature with a 4cmc or less. They can only be one of the following races: Human, Elf, Rhox (Rhino), Goblin, Loxodon, Leonin (Cat), Centaur, Bird, Kithkin, or Viashino. This is for storyline purposes. Please give a small background detail of yourself and why you would be partaking on this grand adventure.

This is gonna kinda revolve around the Planechase cards, except I will be creating my own planes, not using the Wizards planes.

The Saga will begin on 22May.


  • I'm going to join this... in the morning.
  • @spookoops Could I perhaps make a flip card as long as it fits the other guidelines?
  • @pjbear2005, does it flip into another creature, i.e. Werewolf or the sorts? Then yes, if it flips into a planeswalker or any noncreature, then no.
  • Yeah, it's just flips between a dumb goblin and a smart one
  • Here's a card:
    Lore later.
  • Here's my character:

    Name: Pershek Ranloe
    Race: Viashino
    Skills: Powerful warrior who also wields some light and flame magic
    Weaknesses: Doesn't think his actions through too much, just rushes in.
    Backstory: Pershek is the last remaining warrior of the Firelight order. The Firelight were powerful knights from a plane called Jatan who wielded the magic of the sun and fire. But in the Purge, the Jatan was destroyed. Pershek was on a mission off-world when it happened, and when he went to go home, there was no home to go to (I know the purge was a hundred years ago, but some races live really, really long so it should be fine). Devastated, he stayed on Taltoth, the desert plane he was sent on a mission to. The inhabitants of the plane welcomed him, but he never forgot his home. And now, he's decided that it's time to finally find out what caused the destruction of Jatan.
  • UPDATE: I will be posting all the known still existing planes here shortly, @Aggroman15, I have created the Taltoth plane to fit your story...
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    These are the known planes that still exist in the multi-verse. They play like world enchantments, whereas it effects everyone at all times you are on that plane.

    As you progress through the storyline, more planes can/will be discovered. Not all gates are accessible from all Planar Gates (coming soon), which means you might have to travel back to one plane to reach a different plane to which it is connected.
  • What would be a good plane for a druid/ranger?
  • @Bowler218, that doesn't really matter, before the Purge, planar travel was as common as day, so your character could just randomly be on any plane.

    But to be more specific, it depends on race more than class. Sol is mostly a Human, Rhox world. Thessa is Elves, Centaur, Leonin. Irune is Viashino, Loxodon. Kahje is home to Goblin, Kithkin. Taltoth is Viashino. And, Matar is Bird.
  • Ok, thanks!
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    Senja Gateseeker

    Currently, Senja lives and works from Thessa. However, it isn't her native plane, as she was stranded there as a child during the early days of the Purge. She wants to find the Planar Gates out of a sense of longing and duty for wherever she came from.
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    Name: Falme
    Race: Drow
    Skills: Interrogation, Parkour
    Weaknesses: Crippling fear of the dark, absolutely no idea on how to sneak past someone

    Falme was born into a drow mega-city in the underdark of some world, but after refusing to follow they're society he was exiled from his homeland. When he got to the overworld, he was shunned by most, except for a small group of outcasts and rebels who took him in. There, he learned how to move fast through cities and get info out of anyone he wanted.
    His group were rebels, working against the Imperium. But when the Purge happened, they split up to find a world that was safe from both the Imperium and Purge and promised to meet up again one day.
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    Neige rules over all of the Frostbound with an icy grip, using her power to expand their neverending winter on the plane of Irune.  However, with the wake of the purge, Neige fears that the stars shall fall once more, leading the plane into an endless ice age that not even her people can survive.  She has chosen to personally lead the efforts to find the Bastion, a warm rumor that lies within the cold wastes of the planes.

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    @spookoops If you can use MSE, you can actually create your own planechase planes using that.
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    @MonkeyPirate2002, I have MSE, don't use it very often. Plus, I'm kind of a loyalist. If I'm gonna be doing contests and Sagas on MTGCS, I'm gonna use their editor, seems rude not to.
  • Is my character legal? I know it says he's an elf but he's a drow which is a subrace of elf and I want to know if that's okay.
  • @Bowler218, I'll allow it, there are many different elves in Wizards.
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    Name: Helafene Kinloch
    Race: Human

    While living an aristocratic life style from a lucrative trade business, the Kinloch's were spectacularly normal. It has been several generations now since the Kinloch's trade had been almost completely closed because of the loss of the planar gates, though their bank of wealth has kept them safe.
    Helafene had always a been a determined, one-track mind person, much like her father, whether for the better or worse. She had decided from a young age that she would be the one to save the family business. He ventures brought her to a hag, who had been told to give wondrous powers to those with unbreakable conviction; she remembers little after that, only that she awoke in her bed back home.
    She quickly learnt that she had been gifted some form of telepathic abilities and soon after that discovered that she was able to manifest these thoughts into physical being.

    Helafene is questing to both try and restore the planar gates for the family she loves dearly and to train her newly found capabilities.
  • @Bowler218, I'm not quite sure how Famle's static ability works; "Creatures your opponents control can be blocked by Falme, Drow Exile." This is just the basics of blocking in combat. Could you please explain what your trying to convey? 
  • @spookoops From what I've been able to gather from conversation over on the discord, what this text is supposed to mean is that Falme can block creatures with evasion keywords such as flying, things that have been made unblockable by their own or other effects and anything else along those lines. It's incorrectly worded, I suspect, and clearer wording certainly exists, but the discord didn't seem to able to decide on how to frame the idea and ended up at this.
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    @MemoryHead, thanks for the heads up. Thinking about it, I'm having a difficult time trying to figure the wording as well. I'll keep reworking it in my head... Maybe "Any and all creatures and be blocked...regardless of abilities."
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    Hailing from the swamps of Taltoth, Ezric approaches.  In the time since the fall of the Plauge, the people away from the center of civilizations have fallen to savagery to survive.  As a child, Ezric's father was kicked out of his viashino clan for weakness.  He survived, and ended up ruling over a bunch of kobolds.  Eventually, Ezric was hatched, and his size alone gave away the secret of his parentage.  He grew up to take over from his father after killing him in combat, and eventually spread his influence over vast areas of the swamps he grew up in.  
    Name: Ezric
    Race: Half lizardfolk, half kobold.
    Skills: Combat, command, hard decisions
    Weaknesses:  Ezric has never shown any signs of magical potential in his 18 years, but he also has never been tested.  He has always taken what he needed, so he has no social skills(and no notion of currency). And he is, ultimately, the most important thing to himself, so...

  • @spookoops
    this work?
    I know that it is slightly outside of the "race" rules, but I figure it just adds a bit more flavor, and I doubt that it ruins anything, as kobolds are an almost forgotten mtg race.
  • @DrakeGladis Your card has to be cmc 4 or less
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    ah shoot.
    Editing time...
    And I really liked having him here...
    Maybe keep him as a further evolution...
    Thanks for catching that.
    My question to @spookoops still stands...
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    Also, do I have to put in my character's personal details such as height, weight, and age?
    Edit: and should I post what world he's on right now?
  • @DrakeGladis, your hybrid creation will stand, just know that kobolds in this multiverse are mindless subservients to others. Also, please fix the cmc issue.

    @Bowler218, no need for the personal characteristics, never really asked for them. You can post what plane you're currently on if you want to, but again, not necessary. 
  • @spookoops
    Aren't they always?
    Perfect little minions. :)


    Name: Aiko (Don't have a last name because she was an orphan)
    Race: Human-cat hybrid
    Skills: Thievery, acrobatics, cat-like physiology, conditional immortality
    Weaknesses: Half-blind, somewhat antisocial
    Backstory: Born as a bastard child of a human aristocrat and a leonin, Aiko was abandoned in a dumpster soon after she was born. Left to almost dead, an old witch luckily found the poor Aiko and marked her with the witch's brand of magic: For as long as there is a cat nearby, Aiko would always return back to life. Growing up in the orphanage, Aiko learned many things in the harsh life of an outcast of the society. And stealing stuffs is her expertise. But in the end, the witch's intention to keep Aiko's well and alive is still shrouded in mystery ...
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